Jul 27, 2022 by Plastika Skaza

Skazalček week


We have just concluded Skazalček Week, a free school holiday care for the children of our employees

Why do we keep the Skazalček Week tradition year in, year out? We are well-aware that when our employees wrap up their working day at our company, the day does not end for them, in fact, it is only about to begin. They will have a family waiting for them at home, whether it's a partner, a child, a pet or all of the above. By organizing Skazalček Week, we feel we can take some of the burden off parents whose children are in need of school holiday care. This way, they can be more relaxed and reassured at work and thus create added value for the company.

Like in previous years, this year's edition of Skazalček Week offered children a wide range of activities, presented our company in a fun way, fostered the creativity of children and also donated to charity. At the end of the Week, children organized the so-called Skazalček Market, where they sold their handmade products and collected voluntary contributions from Skaza employees who attended the market. Together, they raised as much as 380 euro. We believe that this amount will put a few extra smiles on children's faces at this year's Skaza Run, on 10 September.

A big shout out to all of our Skaza colleagues who entrusted us with the care for their children and a big thanks to our other colleagues who made sure that every day was a special experience for our "Skazalčki".


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