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Let it be heard everywhere: Skaza's retro king Bokashi Organko 1 is saying goodbye.
16 May 2023

Let it be heard everywhere: Skaza's retro king Bokashi Organko 1 is saying goodbye.

If you are looking for the perfect solution for eco-self-sufficiency, then we have a revolutionary brand for you - Skaza! Since 2013, we have set new standards of sustainability with our innovative compost bin Bokashi Organko 1. This product was a true sustainability revolution that combined nature and technology, and charmed home compost lovers around the world!

But that was not enough for us, so we upgraded our offer with two new compost bins - Bokashi Organko 2 and Organko Daily - that have won the prestigious Red Dot design award and are finalists of the prestigious European Plastic Awards 2023. Our products are functional, eco-friendly, and aesthetically perfect, because we believe that sustainability and design can live in perfect harmony.

And what is better than a retro gardening king that is so hard to forget? Well, you could say that our new line is more aesthetically refined, but we are aware that Bokashi Organko 1 is still unbeatable for many. You can see our products here: By purchasing our products, you become part of our sustainability revolution and contribute to a better tomorrow. Sustainability commitment is in our hearts, and we offer you the best and most innovative products that will help create a better world for future generations. So join us and become part of the movement for a more sustainable world!

And if you are among those who do not want a retro style and are looking for innovative products, we have the perfect solution for you - Bokashi Organko Essential. In addition to exceptional functionality and eco-friendly manufacturing from recycled plastic, it also includes the award-winning Organko Daily container for easy daily collection of organic waste. With Bokashi Organko Essential, you can easily and comfortably produce high-quality natural fertilizer while contributing to the preservation of our planet. Do not miss the opportunity to join everyone who is striving for a more sustainable future. Choose the winner in sustainability and design category - Bokashi Organko Essential -