Jan 20, 2021 by Plastika Skaza

Sustainable development as a key component of change management


In adjusting to the profound changes brought by the coronavirus epidemic, it is crucial to bear in mind sustainable development policies, was a debate hosted by the Slovenian-German Chamber of Commerce heard on Tuesday.

Sustainability has become a popular phrase recently, but the concept of transforming society and the economy into a model that is more in harmony with the natural environment, is much older, dating back to the late 1960s, said Bernhard Hauer, the Deputy Head of Mission - German Embassy. He pointed out that Germany was a pioneer of this approach when we are talking about legislation.

Our CEO, Bart Stegeman, was part of the expert jury this year. He said that sustainable development is an ongoing process and that sometimes we can do more with small steps than with a single big step. For example, last year, we decided not to use business cards anymore as they end up in a drawer or trash. In all decisions in the company, we assess whether they are in line with the set sustainable goal. Our director estimates that Slovenia is in a good position to focus on niche markets and that companies have a great opportunity to start their own brand.

Bart Stegeman sincerely congratulated the director of Lumar IG, Mr. Lukić, the recipient of the German Economy Award 2020. On this occasion, he gave him our new Bokashi Organko 2 Ocean, an innovative kitchen composter, made from hand-picked and recycled fishing nets and wished that we continue to keep our planet clean together in the future.

The crisis caused by covid-19 requires cooperation between countries and sectors, said Environment and Spatial Planning minister Andrej Vizjak, adding that in addition to introducing sustainable and green solutions also require a development-oriented policy. The recovery will be based on projects that will have multiplier effects on society, promote digitalization and be green and sustainable, he said.

Germany's Slovenia Ambassador, Adrian Pollmann, emphasized the need to achieve competitiveness, sustainability and sustainability at all levels, from politics to private companies and civil society. According to him, the award was given to a company that has exemplarily introduced a sustainable paradigm and takes into account both competitiveness and technological, social and ecological aspects.

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