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Tanja Skaza founded the Change Worthy Academy

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Heart in the first and right place is one of the main messages of Tanja Skaza, former Best European Manager and Director of Plastika Skaza, today founder of the Skaza Institute. In the last two years, after a personal transformation, she has shown the way to a heartfelt and happy leadership to around 100 Slovenian female managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs. From March 2022, she will share her experience and knowledge with the help of experts from various fields in the Akademija Spremembe vredna (Change Worthy Academy), an academy for businesswomen and female HR professionals.

"2015 was a turning point for me. Despite the awards we won at Plastika Skaza, despite the enviable business successes, I felt a huge emptiness inside me. I was working 12 hours a day, I have lost touch with myself. Work was my love, but at home, I had two wonderful children and a wonderful husband... I had practically everything I dreamed of as a girl, but I was very unhappy. That was when I realized that I didn't want to live like that anymore. And my transformation journey began. I turned inward and began to resolve the patterns, the blockages from my childhood that had prevented me from living a full, joyful life. I realized that I no longer needed to be the perfect one, the one who knows everything and is capable of everything. Finally, I felt free and started to live."

Akademija Spremembe vredna je namenjena poslovnim ženskam

She traded her 12-hour day at Plastika Skaza to work on herself, to discover what was really important in life. That's when the right teachers came and showed her the way out of the darkness. She was no longer looking for love only in business, she started to look for it and discover it within herself first, and only then could she give it to others. When she realized how beneficial her personal transformation was for her and those closest to her, she decided that she wanted to share it with her colleagues and later with others. Most of all, she wanted to help businesswomen, managers, entrepreneurs who have a similar life story – they seemingly have it all but have lost themselves.

Tanja Skaza je ustanovila Akademijo Spremembe vredna

With the newfound realizations and knowledge, the idea of an academy for business and HR women, through which the heartfelt and happy managers and the leaders we need, would be born and nurtured, was slowly maturing. And how is the female leader of the future, the modern manager? One who is aware that the main challenge of leadership is the leader herself. One who understands why crises like the corona crisis can be an opportunity to improve a company. One who understands why a 6-hour working day can result in better business results and higher employee satisfaction. A heartfelt leader, (ensures) heartfelt employees.

The Change Worthy Academy is designed for businesswomen, managers, entrepreneurs, HR professionals who want to be successful as women, both personally and professionally, who are committed to people and who, despite their desire, do not put themselves first, who feel a strong need for change in their lives but feel afraid and uneasy, those who listen to their mind but want to listen to their intuition more, who want to feel alive, heartfelt, happy and courageous, but at the same time gentle, feminine, with sparkles in their eyes. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

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