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Team building during the Skaza picnic lunch


Why is it important for employers to organize picnic lunches for their employees? Because this is one of the ways to make employees feel that they are safe, that they can trust their employer, and that they belong to the company. Furthermore, this helps employers to gauge the level of commitment amongst employees, as well as the culture of the organization.

Around 200 of Skaza's employees joined the picnic

We had a wonderful afternoon during which we were able to take some time for our colleagues and get to know each other better, do something good for the environment, and have some fun. Around 200 of our employees were randomly divided into 5 groups which represented our core values – relationships, sustainability, responsibility, courage, and progress. The group which embodied the "relationships" value prepared a dessert together, while the employees who were in the "sustainability", "responsibility", "courage" and "progress" groups were performing community work tasks in and around the company.

Our employees enjoyed the activities during the picnic

Before that, we all warmed up playing with a huge rolling ball where we had to make sure that the ball did not slip out of our hands, using the power of teamwork. After the end of our community work tasks, food and beverages were already waiting for us. Throughout the picnic, good music helped us set the mood, as well as various fun sports activities and even a sustainable exchange of clothes.

Uslužbenci Skaze so skupaj pripravili sladico

As the day slowly turned into night, we chose the photograph which best represented the mood of the Skaza picnic, even though they all testified to just how much fun our employees had while performing their "chores", followed by karaoke and dancing competitions.

The participants of the picnic were divided into groups.

The evening was filled with great mood and laughter, which makes us especially happy since we are well aware that happy employees are the greatest fortune of any company

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