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The slogan
14 Nov 2023

The slogan "SLOdelujemo" of the Managers' Association inspired the gathering of successful Slovenian entrepreneurs

The slogan "SLOdelujemo" was the guiding principle of the recent Managers' Congress, where Slovenian companies were encouraged to network. This event created a creative day at Skaza, where we hosted a team of entrepreneurs, each from their respective fields, but all with the same mission - to live sustainably in their business operations and enhance the competitiveness of their companies and the Slovenian economy. Experienced entrepreneurs recognize the value in the experiences of others for their own growth and learning, making the slogan "SLOdelujemo" the driving force behind our mission, emphasizing the value of brands. The Managers' Association, in collaboration with local companies, has established a sustainability-oriented community spirit that strengthens businesses and enriches Slovenia.The slogan "SLOdelujemo" of the Managers' Association inspired the gathering of successful Slovenian entrepreneurs

From left: Niko Medved, Assistant Director at Skaza, Edisa Avdić Civek, People and Culture Manager at Skaza, Larisa Grizilo, Director of Human Resources and Communications at A1, Mark Kalin, Director of ABC Accelerator, Petra Wagner, Director of Salesbooster, and Tina Grošelj Dobrijević, Public Relations Manager at Skaza.

Niko Medved, Deputy Director at Skaza, emphasized that Skaza is known worldwide for its quality, thanks to our top-notch and sustainable products that set trends. He sees the key potential in enhanced collaboration among Slovenian companies and joint international market penetration. Through such collaboration, we set global standards and constantly improve them. His vision is that the sustainable and innovative operations of Slovenian companies not only strengthen the national economy but also build Slovenia's reputation as a leading sustainable force in the global market.

Larisa Grizilo from A1 was impressed by the implementation of Skaza 5.0's digitization, particularly highlighting the role of investing in people's development and sustainability as the key values of the company. Similar views are shared by Mark Kalin from ABC Accelerator, who is impressed by Skaza's digitization and sees opportunities for collaboration with young start-ups and the creation of innovative ideas. In addition, Petra Wagner from Salesbooster recognized Skaza's advantages in its dedication to adopting new technologies and digitization. She emphasized the importance of change management and collaboration between technology and sales.

With joint efforts and sustainable innovations, Slovenia can become an example for other countries on how to combine sustainable business practices, quality, and global competitiveness for a better and more sustainable future for everyone. Therefore, the collaborative work promoted by the slogan 'SLOdelujemo' paves the way for a better and sustainable future for all Slovenian citizens. The Managers' Association has delivered the right slogan at the right time for our country.