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The sustainable future is in our hands: Join the movement!


Plastic packaging has become an integral part of our daily lives, with a staggering $377 billion spent on its production just two years ago. However, only a small fraction of plastic gets a new purpose, primarily through recycling and incorporation into new products. Predictions indicate that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. Skaza is determined to change this by promoting plastic reuse. It is our mission, and we are confident that, in collaboration with our partners - global multinational companies with whom we work to change people's habits across over 50 global markets - we will succeed.

At the same time, we strive to raise awareness of the magnitude of the plastic problem in the world. Let's assume that the global plastic quantity is approximately 10 billion tons, equivalent to the weight of about two million elephants or 20 thousand Eiffel Towers! If this plastic were spread across the entire surface of Germany, the whole country would be covered with plastic. It's essential to understand that these are approximate data for easier comprehension, as the precise amount of plastic in the world is not known. However, what is crucial is to be aware of its scale and take action to reduce the impact of our planet's plastic footprint.

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Promoting plastic reuse.

With enthusiasm, we have become leading producers of sustainable products across more than 50 markets. Our commitment to sustainability is evident as we actively surpass the trend of using non-renewable plastic sources. Rather than following conventional practices, we strive to increase the use of recycled materials, reducing environmental burden and contributing to a sustainable economy. Last year, we achieved more than 43% utilization of recycled materials in the electronics and furniture industries, and almost 90% in our own brand. Our vision is even more ambitious - by 2030, we aim to further increase the share of recycled materials in our products, thus approaching the goals of the European Union. With exemplary practices, we seek to attract even more multinational companies to follow our lead and incorporate recyclates into their product lines or increase the proportion of recycled materials in their products.

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Collaborative robot - The new partner of the future:

Within our production space of over 15,000 square meters, we foster innovation, recognizing that high-quality and agile production is crucial for achieving our mission - ensuring a sustainable future. In order to more effectively tackle challenges, we have included one of our latest acquisitions - a collaborative robot - in our production process.

This remarkable robot enables the alleviation of workers' monotonous tasks, allowing our employees to focus on more creative work. It takes on repetitive and less demanding tasks, significantly enhancing production efficiency, which is crucial for our progress. Reducing the burden on our workforce is one of its greatest advantages. With exceptional precision and consistency in task execution, the robot reduces the number of errors and ensures higher product quality. Moreover, its adaptability allows easy transfer to various work assignments, further contributing to the optimization of our production.

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The ability of the robot to take on monotonous production tasks allows our employees to focus on more creative and essential responsibilities. This will make our production even more efficient and innovative. Instead of merely stacking products in a box, our operators will be engaged in more demanding tasks, such as visual inspection or finishing touches, significantly improving the quality of our products. This is just one of the numerous benefits that collaboration between humans and robots brings, combining human skills with the precision and speed of robots, which significantly contributes to the advancement of our production towards sustainability and innovation.

Creating sustainability together.

Our vision is to build a sustainable future together with you, where nature and plastic coexist in perfect harmony, creating a better tomorrow for all of us. Trust us with your sustainability goals, as together, we will take a significant step forward in the sustainable revolution. Choose Skaza for sustainable products that you and your customers will use with pleasure. Join us in making sustainability a shared responsibility that requires combined efforts.

Contact us at - and join us on this path to the sustainable revolution, where together, we will create a world that will thrive for a long time to come.

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