Aug 3, 2023 by Plastika Skaza

The world already exceeded the annual consumption of natural resources


The world has surpassed the annual consumption of natural resources in just seven months. This clear sign indicates that we have entered the era of ECOLOGICAL DEBT, meaning that our planet can no longer sustain our unlimited consumption as we exceed its capacity for renewal.

Despite the challenging situation, we must not give up! However, we are encouraged by the fact that this year we surpassed excessive consumption later than last year, a sign that our sustainability efforts are making progress.

The biggest challenge arises from inefficient personal transportation. Therefore, we urge you to join the change and share your commutes with others to significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

We are also aware that old, energy-inefficient buildings pose a significant challenge. For this reason, we strive for more efficient and sustainable solutions.

Plastic packaging is the fastest-growing segment in the packaging industry, with 30 million tons of plastic produced annually in Europe alone. The total value of plastic packaging consumption reached 377 billion dollars two years ago.

Studies show that the production of plastic increases every year and by 2050, it could outweigh the quantity of fish in the oceans if immediate action is not taken. Recycling plastic is crucial for reducing this drastic environmental impact.

Predictions indicate that by 2030, we will need to recycle all plastic, although currently, only a small fraction of plastic worldwide ends up being recycled. In this context, Skaza, as a company with global influence, plays a crucial role in reducing this trend and encouraging individuals and businesses to use plastic products with a smaller environmental footprint.


Skaza is a family-owned company from Velenje and ranks among the 1000 most inspiring companies in the world. Sustainability is one of our fundamental values, and one of our key priorities is continuously increasing the use of environmentally friendly materials. In 2022, Skaza acquired 4,976,114.2 kg of plastic materials, with 43.1% consisting of recycled materials, a 2.5% increase from the previous year. Additionally, the company managed to reuse 1,031,745 kg of recycled materials in the same year.

Our nature is in danger as forests and oceans can no longer absorb the amount of carbon dioxide we produce. More frequent extreme weather events, such as heatwaves, fires, floods, and droughts, warn us that the consequences of ecological debt are real and increasingly threatening. Ecological debt is not just a number; it is a call to action against climate change and limited resources.

Now is the time to unite and build a sustainable future together. We invite you to join us and together, we can play for the victory of our environment, as each of us can make a difference.

Use products made from recycled or bio-based plastic and practice composting to promote the circulation of organic waste! Every action counts. Every purchase is a significant step towards change. Empower yourself and make responsible choices. Let's create sustainability at every step!

Meet our sustainable heroes here:

Recycle and respect life; nature can reward you with everything you give back to her. :)


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