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Our Tjaša Ban received the title
11 Feb 2022

Tjaša Ban received the title Sustainable Business Transformation Leader

Tjaša Ban, Business Development Manager, who is responsible for business development in the US, Asian and Portuguese markets at Skaza, obtained the title of "Sustainable Business Transformation Manager" through a certificate training program developed by renowned sustainable business transformation experts at the M3TRIX Academy in Germany in cooperation with CER. This is a training program designed for professionals who want to implement sustainability in their organization and for consultants who want to identify new social, economic and environmental opportunities with their clients and use them to create a competitive advantage.

Global sustainability challenges and their solutions are a new trend that brings both risks and opportunities, thus companies around the world are looking for competent guidance to creatively manage the necessary changes. The Sustainable Business Transformation Manager profession is currently the most widespread in the US, where it has seen a 228% increase in demand for this type of staff over the last ten years.

Through the "Sustainable Business Transformation Manager" training program, Tjaša Ban learned about the trends of the circular economy, sustainability and the "Net-Zero" goals. She learned how to recognize opportunities and risks in this area, became familiar with green laws and regulations, and acquired the tools and competences to transform her business model towards a climate-neutral future. Tjaša will be able to support Skaza enterprise with the development and deployment of solutions that respond to sustainability challenges. Moreover, with her knowledge, she will indirectly influence the company's business economics. Sustainable business models also have an impact on costs within the company and the price of products.

"I will also use this knowledge to enter and develop sales in new markets. Now I can see the bigger picture, which will help me improve my sales pitches, and I will also use the gained knowledge to educate our customers through the sales process," said Tjaša Ban, Business Development Manager at Skaza, after receiving the certificate.