Jul 31, 2023 by Plastika Skaza

Together we can achieve more - together we are Skaza! 🌟

The traditional Skaza picnic has once again filled us with joy and excitement beyond expectations. We felt like one big family, united in our mission - to build sustainable solutions for everyday use, raise awareness about the importance of the environment, and contribute to a cleaner planet. This enthusiasm is not a one-time event; every day, new ideas are born in the hearts of our team members because we believe that together, we are unstoppable! This unwavering passion fuels our journey to success. Together we can achieve more - together we are Skaza, where dreams come true!


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Embracing the spirit of limitless possibilities, we engaged in games without boundaries. Victory is not our ultimate goal; it is about building a team and fostering collaboration. We firmly believe that together, we move mountains. While none of us masters everything, together, we conquer every challenge, even shooting balls into the basket with a sheet. One of the most thrilling activities was the sustainable clothing exchange, where clothes found new owners to breathe fresh life into them. This is just one of our fun ways to emphasize our commitment to sustainability. As our co-owner, Tanja Skaza, says, "When you make a sacrifice, you get it all back!" We all agree - we must repay nature for the good it gives us. Climate change and natural disasters remind us that sustainability is essential. We are devoted to creating a future that benefits everyone! Join us in co-creating a world where nature flourishes, and humanity thrives in harmony with it. Without sustainability, there is simply no way forward.

During our traditional Skaza picnic, our big-hearted team came together to deepen our business mission. Fearlessly and determined, we introduce new technologies, innovative products, and incorporate recycled plastics in our sustainable business. Our passion lies in the design, quality, sustainability, and innovation of our products and services, creating a beautiful whole. Our dedication to sustainable solutions has earned us trust on 32 markets in the furniture and electrical industries. With over 46 years of experience and boundless enthusiasm, we have already captured the hearts of many customers. We create innovative, efficient, and environmentally friendly products. Join us, and together we'll play for victory - for the environment and for your business!


We are Skaza - an unstoppable force and a wholehearted team that never settles for compromise. Our passion for innovation and a sustainable future drives us relentlessly forward. Together, we can achieve more, united in the common mission to build a better world. There is no place for limitations; our dreams come true! If you want to become our partner, visit:


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