Jan 18, 2021 by Plastika Skaza

Upgrading the business information system

In the movement

In the company, we are facing rapid business growth, which also dictates the expansion to other countries. In the desire to better manage change, connectivity and data exchange with suppliers and customers at home or around the world, we decided to thoroughly overhaul the business information environment.

We have selected SAP business software that will run on the most modern IBM Power servers in Unistar PRO's advanced PRO.Cloud data center. Itelis will take care of the migration of the existing data to the SAP S4HANA platform. Both companies are part of the Actual IT Group, one of the biggest system integrators in Slovenia.

With many innovations, we will optimize operations, production, and project planning, and last but not least, upgrade the competencies of employees and fulfill our vision – to be among the 10 best ecological companies that set trends in the plastics industry.

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