Mar 22, 2024 by Plastika Skaza

Valentine's Day at Skaza


Love Day at Skazi On Love Day, we celebrate this wonderful emotion that connects and uplifts us. Love is like a bright spark that gives us the strength to embrace challenges and changes, and opens us up to personal and career growth.


 Valentine's Day at Skaza


Days like Valentine's Day encourage us to be aware of how love fills our hearts and helps us create the most beautiful version of life.


 Valentine's Day at Skaza


When we are internally content, we also build and nurture the best relationships in the company. That's why on Valentine's Day, we collectively toured the company premises and brought smiles to our colleagues' faces, showering them with attention. After all, knowledge multiplies when shared, and satisfaction triples when we collectively foster the growth of the company with a strong organizational culture.


Dan ljubezni v Skazi

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