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We encourage our little ones to connect and protect the environment
3 Sep 2021

We encourage our little ones to connect and protect the environment

We recently wrote about Skazalčkov holiday week and the workshops that our employees' children attended. We gathered their responses in a short video where we asked them what they liked most about the holiday week.

They agreed that they really enjoyed hanging out with friends, some liked the outdoor activities the most, some were excited to visit the production and to see the production robots in action, and others enjoyed creating posters, painting canvases and preparing fruit salads, thus showing us their artistic expression. When we asked them if they would attend Skazalčkov holiday week again, they firmly agreed.

At Skaza, we believe that we need to develop true values such as friendship, courage and responsibility from an early age, which is why we’ve organized the holiday week. At the company, we are convinced that each individual is important for the success of Skaza and we want to pass this value on to future generations. We want children to be able to recognize their potential and be conscious that they can make a significant contribution to a better world, especially in the field of environmental protection.

With the organized activities, we try to bring kids closer to nature, teach them about the importance of healthy, locally grown food and motivate them to recycle and find solutions for a better tomorrow. At the same time, we are aware that together we are stronger, so we encourage friendships and cooperation among Skazalčki, which will lead to successful teamwork later.

We are a family-friendly enterprise, because we know that a good balance between private and business life is the key to meaningful relationships and satisfied employees. As well as for children, we also offer a wide range of sports and cultural activities for their parents, in addition to which we strive for constant growth and lifelong learning.

Our mission is to change people's habits and consequently preserve a healthy planet. We want to pass this vision on to the youngest, because only as a society of committed, qualified and satisfied individuals will we be able to face the challenges that the future brings.