Aug 6, 2021 by Plastika Skaza

We organized the third Skazalčkov holiday week


In July, for the third year in a row, Skaza organized Skazalčkov holiday week, which is designed for our employee’s children free of charge. The kids participated in interesting sports and creative activities, got to know the company, and were introduced to our organizational culture and products.

The main theme of this year’s holiday week was taking care of our health. In 2021, at Skaza we started to work actively in the field of promoting health at work, to which Skazalčki also contributed, taking care of their own health and that of our employees during the whole week.

On Monday, the kids were visited by Healthy Fellow with whom they talked about his health and ways in which they could help him regain his health back. In groups, they then made posters on the topic of maintaining and promoting health, which were later hung during the visit to the production to encourage the employees to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

The kids talked about health

Tuesday revolved around taking care of personal hygiene. In the morning, the children sat in a circle and discussed how they take care of themselves to stay clean and tidy. They watched a puppet movie titled Clean Hands for Healthy Children (Čiste roke za zdrave otroke) and together with our colleague Branka they made DIY massage bars from natural ingredients. They painted self-portraits, illustrating how they brush their teeth, take a shower, comb their hair, trim their nails, and after lunch, they rounded off the topic with some reading time.

Wednesday was dedicated to a natural, healthy diet. In the morning, the kids talked about their favourite food and after breakfast, they attended a workshop on smelling, tasting and touching fruit with their eyes covered. The children marvelled at different shapes and smells of the fruit, from which they created fruit baskets to surprise our office co-workers when they visited the administration building.

The kids had a workshop on smelling, tasting and touching food

Thursday was all about sports. The kids did a fair bit of stretching on the yard in front of our company and afterwards, they decorated it with chalk paintings. After a short session of yoga for kids, they embellished some of Skaza’s products with motifs of their favorite exercise, sport, or physical activity.

The kids did a fair bit of stretching on the yard

On Friday they made a special effort for the well-being of themselves and others. They started the day with a conversation about what can we be grateful for, how important it is to be healthy and take care of ourselves and others, and why should we help each other. They then set up Skazalčkov Marketplace for our employees, where they collected voluntary contributions for taking care of our planet and arranging the surroundings of the company.

The kids set up a marketplace

They raised 330€. With a little help of our co-worker Polonca and Organko, the kids learned about the importance of separate waste collection and together they planted three bushes that will decorate our company and in the long run their beauty and shade will also delight all future Skazalčki.

The kids raised 330€


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