Feb 25, 2021 by Plastika Skaza

We were selected to work with the University of Colorado Boulder

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We are extremely proud of making such an impression on the University of Colorado Boulder that they have decided to cooperate with us on two exciting projects. For these projects, we will actively work with MBA students from Leeds School of Business to establish a sustainable business model for our company. Working with one of the most important research universities in the USA presents an excellent opportunity to get to know the American market.

Sustainability and environmentally friendly innovative solutions are at the core of our company. We want to take every opportunity to make additional efforts in the field of sustainability and gain an in-depth insight into this complex concept. This is what prompted our decision to apply for two case studies in the field of sustainability and environmental protection at the University of Colorado Boulder. We are honored that the University of Colorado Boulder, a member of the prestigious Association of American Universities, which includes only the most important research universities in North America, saw our company's most potential.

As part of the collaboration, which will run from February to the end of April, MBA students at Leeds School of Business will have the opportunity to get to know our company, values, ​​and products. Together with the students, we will prepare a strategy to enter the American market based on real-life situations, current challenges, and opportunities that our company faces. We will also implement the ideas immediately, allowing us to observe the results and changes in real-time.

The second group of students, together with our head of the research and innovation department, dr. Branka Viltužnik, will focus on the recycling of plastics. They will review all the legislation in the field of plastics in the United States and analyze the proportions and types of recycled plastics in individual countries.

At Skaza, we look forward to working with the University of Colorado Boulder, one of America’s most influential research universities, which has spent as much as $ 514 million on research in 2018 alone, as this represents an ideal opportunity to break into the U.S. market. During these projects, we also intend to identify plastics manufacturers and processors in the USA with whom we share our values and could cooperate in the future. The business model, which we will develop in collaboration with the American students, will also be used to prepare and set up our own production overseas.

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