Nov 4, 2022 by Plastika Skaza

We will breathe new life into waste consumer plastics

Co-founded projects, LIFE21-ENV-PL-plasticLIFEcycle

Skaza is starting with the introduction of a new sustainable business concept based on the principles of the circular economy. In cooperation with project partners INVESTEKO SA, THE NEW RAW, EkoPartner, EFOE and IETU, they will recycle mixed waste from hard plastic. 

Products will be created from the recyclate, thus breathing new life into consumer plastics. With this inspiring solution, they will contribute to the realization of the European strategy for plastics, which foresees an increase in the share of recycled plastic in new products by 2025. Skaza obtained the funds from the LIFE Program of the European Union for the Environment and Climate Actions.

The business cooperation of project partners who share the same values ​​and bravely seek solutions for continuous progress in sustainable business will bring to the European Union innovative solutions for sorting hard plastic waste into fractions that can be recycled. In the future, they will ensure the systematic introduction of recyclates into products with high added value. Skaza will establish a modular prototype system for compounding recyclates, which will accept both materials from the sorting system of hard plastic waste, as well as materials that are produced during the in-house production of plastic products and which are currently difficult to recycle.

The news that they will be able to assess the impact of project solutions on our environment is also encouraging.

For more information obut this project click here.

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