May 19, 2022 by Plastika Skaza

Welcome, Bokashi Organko Essential


A little over a decade after the release of Bokashi Organko 1, the upgraded model has hit the shelves – say hello to Bokashi Organko Essential.

»As we want to enhance the user experience, we've added new features to this model. The new Bokashi Organko Essential requires no assembling – it is ready for use the moment you open the package. The levelling trowel has been redesigned so that the user is no longer in direct contact with the waste. The scoop has been optimised to carry the exact dosage of effective microorganisms. The container for bokashi liquid is attached to the bin itself and is now graduated to help you get the water : bokashi ratio just right. The packaging is now 15% smaller, reducing the carbon footprint and the amount of empty air being transported,« said Darko Šuman, lead product manager, about the launch of Bokashi Organko Essential.

 Bokashi Organko Essential + base on the kitchen counter while preparing food

»I was a bit reluctant to use the new model at first, since I am very attached to Bokashi Organko 1, which I've been using for more than 8 years. After switching to Bokashi Organko Essential about a month ago, I must say that I am very happy with it. The large amounts of fermentation liquid tells me that the fermentation process is working at full capacity. This also means there is no rotting, no unpleasant odours, no flies. I enjoy the design too; the angular features make the cleaning process easier,« said Polona Marzel about her experience using Bokashi Organko Essential. She is the business development manager at Skaza and has been an avid user of Bokashi Organko for years. On average, she fills up 2 Bokashi Organko bins per month, which yields 32 kilograms of compost base and helps reduce the amount of biological waste by 60%. Apart from that, not having to buy biodegradable plastic bags saves her 12€ annually and not having to buy artificial fertilisers saves her 120€ annually.

 Organko Daily and Bokashi Organko Essential + base with food scraps

Bokashi Organko Essential:

  • Reduces the amount of biological waste by 25%, with no flies or rotting odour
  • Provides a sustainable solution for the reuse of biological waste
  • Helps produce a first-class compost base and organic fertiliser
  • Ensures a year-long solution for easier composting
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