Jul 8, 2020 by Plastika Skaza

Welcome to the Future Circles


Slovenia has made an extraordinary movement in the field of a circular economy. We want to protect our world from excessive waste and the exploitation of raw materials. The goal is to provide suitable living conditions for all of us and for our future generations.
Do you already know the manifesto and its 12 key principles for a transition towards a circular economy?

  1. Implement circular economy principles into local polices,
  2. Strive towards the uno sustainable development goals,
  3. Network transnationally,
  4. Support multi-sector cooperation,
  5. Lead by example,
  6. Educate the public,
  7. Promote circular products,
  8. Promote sustainable consumption patterns,
  9. Support research innovation and qualification,
  10. Implement financial incentives,
  11. Invest in infrastructure,
  12. Monitor and measure.

Until September, you will be able to visit the virtual exhibition – Future Circles, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. The exhibition includes achievements and innovative solutions of the Slovenian industry and companies that work towards the circular economy.
We are honored to be a part of the exhibition, as 85% of the products of our own brand is either recycled or bio-based. Our mission is to preserve our world by developing innovative products made of eco-materials.
At the Future Circles exhibition, we present you a creative solution for a zero-waste lifestyle, composting and urban gardening – BOKASHI ORGANKO 2. With the Organko composter, you will obtain a first-class compost base, an organic plant fertilizer and a drain cleaner, meanwhile, you will lower a carbon footprint and waste pollution.
Visit the virtual exhibition, answer eight questions, submit an online form and participate in the prize game.
Read more: https://www.gzs.si/future-circles/vsebina/Virtualna-razstava

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