Sep 8, 2021 by Plastika Skaza

We're creating the next generation of business leaders

In the movement

Our company Skaza is part of the International Business Community AmCham Slovenia, which brings together more than 400 Slovenian and international companies. One of the main pillars of AmCham Slovenia has been also developing talents. AmCham Young Platform connects young and active individuals who stand out from the crowd. Programs within the platform guide the personal and career development of up-and-coming business leaders. This summer, two young potentials of our company - Tjaša Ban and Niko Medved - have become part of this forward-looking way of thinking.

Our Tjaša and Niko are already successful despite their young age

At the age of 27, Tjaša is already boasting enviable experience from the world of entrepreneurship. She is communicative, empathic, her network of business contacts is heavily spread out. She puts good relationships with people first, she connects people. "I expect a lot from the Amcham Young Professionals program. Above all, I would like to see my progress in the business sphere. Meeting new people, networking, and socializing in such a context allows me to do that."

Niko has a successful sporting career behind her thirty-one years. The experience of a captain in a handball team taught him how important the role of a leader in a team is to protect a team when it's not going well, motivate it, and give it value. "I expect to participate in the program primarily with the possibility of networking and acquiring new business contacts based on building mutual relations as one of the basic life skills. At the same time, I expect to meet able, successful people at meetings, from whom I will draw excellent business skills."

Dear colleagues, we wish you all the best in a new career challenge.

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