Production of Plastic Industrial Products and Semi-Products

A reliable plastic manufacturer of plastic products or semi-products for an improved everyday life.

By combining B2B and B2B experiences, we are even more innovative and daring when it comes to integrating sustainable materials into production and developing new ones.

Try our original and comprehensive approach to any request in the electronics, furniture, and medical industries. However, do not hesitate to contact us if you have a custom-made plastic industrial products request. 



Electro Industry

Experts in manufacturing plastic industrial components and housing for various products in the field of electronics, especially for the measurement and electrical industry.

Furniture Industry

If you are looking for office chairs and shells, kitchen legs, and other accessories made from recycled materials, you are in the right place, as more than 50% of our products are made from sustainable plastics. 

Medical Industry

Focusing on understanding and delivering the most complex requirements for this complex industry and ensuring full compliance with regulatory guidelines of global standards and quality is paramount.


Regardless of the industry, we will always find a way to implement your projects and find solutions to your most challenging requirements.