Design and sustainable plastic tableware that respects the environment

Made of sugar cane, kind to nature, and extremely durable.

Enjoy the comfort and the ambiance of your home or the outdoors in style.

Playfully designed kitchen utensils you can use over and over again.

Made in Slovenia and designed to create a sustainable future.

Sustainable management of the environment is a global trend

Sugar cane plastic - an ambitious sustainable solution

With growing concerns about greenhouse gas emissions and oil supplies, the chemical industry found a renewable alternative to diversify its sources of raw material. Sugar cane has emerged as an important ingredient to substitute for petroleum in the production of plastics.


Sustainable plastic tableware from sugarcane

Benefits of the sugar cane bioplastic


Made from renewable sources - a better and more sustainable way to make plastics.



Each metric ton of bioplastic from sugar cane produced avoids the emission of 2 to 2.5 metric tons of carbon dioxide on a lifecycle basis.



Sugar cane bioplastic products are 100 % recyclable and can be remade into new products.

Let the 4 lines of our sustainable plastic tableware impress you