Personalized EcoCare Cups

Made of sugar cane plastic, with a green message and designed to remind you to care for the planet.

Suitable for any kind of beverages at temperatures lower than 60 °C

The cup is made of non-toxic sugar cane plastic, which is safe for serving a variety of beverages. Available in numerous colors that will refresh and complement your home. The EcoCare plastic cup is BPA and melamine-free. It is made from safe and environmentally friendly materials. Up to 94 percent of this material is plant-based. By using ecoBiB products, you too can signal respect for yourself, your family, your guests and nature.

Re-use and recycle for a smaller amount of waste

Everything we throw away ends up somewhere. To throw away means only to throw away from oneself. Do you know that plastic waste ends up in the atmosphere, soil, seas, and our food? Statistics show there is only a 9% chance that disposed of plastic will be recycled. Every year, 500 tonnes of disposable cups end up in the environment. However, all the products in our ECO CARE sustainable line are recyclable and designed for multiple uses. By using ECO CARE from sugar cane plastic, show your true relationship with the environment.

Personalize your EcoCare Cups

We give you the opportunity to have the final and personalized touch on your EcoCare Cups. Make it your own by choosing your favorite color and inscription. This also makes them a perfect eco-friendly gift for your environmentally cautious friends. EcoCare Cup from sugar cane plastic will always remind about the importance of contributing to the planet’s wellbeing.

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