Pick&Go Sustainable Picnic set

For the best experience, for the best moments, for minimum impact on our Mother Nature.

An innovative single-use plastic alternative from sugar cane plastic

Pick&Go picnic and camping 15-pieces set for 4 people is a great single-use plastic alternative for all social events. The set of containers made of bio-based material of plant origin is completely recyclable. It does not take up much space, is lightweight, drop-resistant, dishwasher safe, connected by a flexible cotton strap to assemble a custom set, and easier to carry in your hand or over your shoulder.

4 sets of cutlery for a sustainable experience

Now with 4 sets of cutlery and new assembly options of your choice, the innovative picnic and camping set Pick & Go is designed for outdoor use. Wherever you go, you can now take a picnic with you on hiking, in a car, motorhome, caravan or tent as it will not take up space for you. The original modular picnic set also imitates nature with its design and cotton ribbon for easy wearing. The basic set can be assembled with any number of sets of accessories, with containers in any color and in many color combinations.

Always ready for sustainable outdoor activities

The loving approach to your company will be even more intensely expressed with sky blue and gentle green. With this modular picnic set Pick&Go, you can replace all disposable plastic, which is often used for outdoor activities. When we pamper our minds and bodies with Pick&Go in nature, we are actually relieving the planet as well, because by using this reusable eco-product we reduce pollution with disposable plastic and carbon footprint.

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