Innovative Plastic Products made from Recycled or Bio-based Materials

With our innovative plastic products, we support responsible ways of living on our planet

The principles of sustainable development are the guide of all our processes. By connecting people and nature with our clear vision, which is reflected in the development of our innovative products, we want to build a base for responsible lives on our planet. Driven by our values, which are the source of responsible fulfilment of given promises, we set high goals, show courage in finding inspiring solutions and sustainable attitude, which is proven by our respect towards natural resources.

When possible, we produce environmentally-friendly products and use recycled or bio-based materials. By spinning the plastics that already exist on the planet we give it a new purpose and this way care for the planet.

Constant developing of new sustainable materials is possible with our Research & Innovation Department that is responsible for integrating innovative ways and sustainable plastics in our production.

Simple composting with Bokashi Organko

Bokashi composting

Bokashi Organko 1

Our 16-liter kitchen composter made from 97 % recycled materials gives you a simple solution for your bio-waste and your garden. With a first-class compost base, your blooming garden will make you speechless and will offer you home-made food without insects. Healthy, easy, and environmentally-friendlier than traditional composting.

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Bokashi composting

Bokashi Organko 2

Red-Dot Design Award-winning kitchen composter with the perfect design that fits every kitchen counter is made from 97 % recycled materials. It is not only for gardeners but also for all of you who want to express your eco-lifestyle and care about your home. With Bokashi composting you will get organic fertilizer for watering your garden and a natural effective cleaner for your drains.

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Bokashi composting

Bokashi Organko 2 Ocean

“Ghost gear” or fishing nets are deadly for our oceans and sea animals. That’s why we present you with a new wave of solutions. We innovated a first-ever kitchen composter made from at least 30 % of hand-picked and recycled fishing nets. We kept all the functionalities as its forerunners, but we added even more care for the environment. Also, for every product sold, we donate 2 € to Ocean Voyage Institute in order to clean our oceans from drowning plastics.

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Reducing single-use plastic with sustainable plastics tableware

Sustainable plastic tableware

EcoCare Cups

Get your own personalized bio-based cup made from sugar cane or surprise somebody with a sustainable gift. Order it now and prevent our planet from single-use plastics. Show everybody that small steps provoke large changes.

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Sustainable plastic tableware


An innovative and sustainable solution for picnics and camping moments is made completely from bio-based materials. It is an alternative to disposable plastics and you can take it wherever you go. Enrich your experience of outdoor freedom and enjoy your most precious moments in an environmentally-friendly way.

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Sustainable plastic tableware

Viva 2 

Our colorful plant-based tableware will wonderfully complement your kitchen and provide the final touch for the table you’ve prepared for your guests. Cups, bowls, jugs - everything will look even more beautiful when combined together with a modern and eco-friendly lifestyle.

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Sustainable plastic tableware


Simple and elegant, yet very impact-resistant series of tableware is suitable for home parties and romantic dinners in the garden. Its attractive colors and elegant design resent a way to adapt to every personal style and taste.

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Manufacturing industry products from recycled materials

Plastic manufacturing

Plastic Industrial Products

We are specialized in the production of plastic industrial components products and housings for electro, home, and medical industry, and also for many other custom-made requirements. We strive for perfection and we are trying to incorporate new sustainable materials when possible. Injection molding has a different meaning if you collaborate with our specialists.

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