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Production in EU. Reliable, fast, innovative and with the best R&D support for our partners.

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The Slovenian-based company, setting high standards in design and plastic manufacturing. We meet various demands of injection molding and custom-made plastic industrial products for our clients all over the world. Because of the constant upgrade of our skills and technology we are able to deliver the most stringent requirements and the most demanding products on time.

When manufacturing vital components or instruments, you need a reliable partner to deliver precision, quality, and comprehensive support during the entire project - starting with the R&D stage, continuing with tool launching and sampling in cooperation with a wide range of excellent toolmakers, and proceeding with pro-active support during serial production.

With more than 40 years of experience in injection molding, and with a broad list of partners and markets, we are the most competent business partner to collaborate with.

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Need a partner in plastics manufacturing who will manage the entire project for you?

No matter the requirements, we offer you comprehensive support from the design phase to serial production. With the right project management, team responsiveness, and expert know-how combined in one plastics manufacturing partner, you are on the right way to a successful product launch.

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Better support in one plastic manufacturing partner

Skilled R&D support

With constant optimization, we are ready to carry out even the most demanding projects.

Main advantages of our R&D approach:

  • innovation and introduction of new products and services,
  • development of new technological processes,
  • introduction of new sustainable materials for most demanding products,
  • EcoTrails system - effective and transparent production with traceability of recycled materials,
  • collaboration with the Faculty of Polymer Technology and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Dedicated KAM teams

We understand our customers. Experts from various fields work together in KAM teams (Key Account Management)to provide the best solutions no matter the business area.

Six benefits of Skaza’s KAM teams:

  • excellent communication with dedicated contact persons,
  • quality field experts,
  • quick response,
  • customized integrated solutions,
  • reliability and security,
  • excellent partnership relations.

Wide range of technology for your needs

We use diverse technologies such as single- and multi-component (2K and 3K) injection molding, gas injection according to the GIT technology, overmolding of metal inserts on metal and glass, ultrasonic welding, and other technologies. We are continually monitoring the development, search for, and introduce new technologies to ensure successful project implementation.

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Wide range of technology

Production automation

With continuous improvements in plastic manufacturing, we are trying to achieve and pursue the ultimate lean production principles. As part of the plan for the factory of future, we design every process to be autonomous as possible, from material flow to end-product assembly. As product portfolio varies we construct everything with flexibility and future technology in mind. 

Tools and materials

Hand in hand with our trusted toolmakers, we offer the most efficient, quality and cost-effective solutions. After considering and optimizing solutions for materials and tools we provide a comprehensive and professional approach.

Quality Commitment

Our guiding principle is quality, therefore we operate in accordance with a number of quality certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, AEO). Also, we strive for following standards ISO 26001 and ISO 27001. Equipped for quality and development, we are able to fully participate in various research and development projects. 

Totally carefree plastics manufacturing projects with unique solutions

Besides production, material, logistics, and quality, we also offer OTD 100 %, quality zero defect, continuous improvements, tool guarantee, internal maintenance, affecting tooling lifetime, sustainable material development, R&D support. Having Skaza as your supplier will also get you flexible, lower-cost logistic services located in Central Europe.

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Carefree plastic manufacturing project

Industrial design services

Providing ideas and concepts for your solutions. Our development team can further optimize them based on additional research. With new inquiries and newly developed products, you will have a chance to get a 3D print prototype, which can be tested. We verify the functionality and thus additionally ensure cost-effectiveness.

Injection molding of plastic parts

We are experts in contract manufacturing of products from the electro, furniture, medical industry and other fields. As specialists in overmolding and multi injection technology (2K and 3K) with machines with clamping forces from 50T to 1000T and shot capacity up to 7300 ccm, we are an excellent partner for your most demanding requirements.

Final product assembly and packaging

We have you covered - from Ultrasonic part welding to full electronics assembly. Delicate assembly operations are performed with precision industrial robots and each operation is controlled with sensors and visual inspection. We offer our customers manual or fully automated assembly solutions of sub-assemblies or final products with other metal and wood components, PCBs, wiring and textiles. We propose packaging optimizations for optimal handling and safe transportation, offering the best experience to our customer. 

Perfect sustainability-oriented partner in plastics manufacturing

By working according to the principles of sustainable development, we propose ideas for products that are a part of a circular economy, without any waste. If you need modern, innovative solutions made from bio-based and recycled materials, we are the right partner for you. Not only do we focus on responsible solutions that are friendly to people, communities, and nature, but we are also constantly developing new sustainable materials and looking for a partner who shares our principles.

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Sustainability-oriented partner

Find out more about our focuses in different industries

Electro Industry

Experts in manufacturing plastic industrial components and housing for various products in the field of electronics, especially for the measurement and electrical industry.

Furniture Industry

If you are looking for office chairs and shells, kitchen legs, and other accessories made from recycled materials, you are in the right place, as more than 50% of our products are made from sustainable plastics. 

Medical Industry

Focusing on understanding and delivering the most complex requirements for this complex industry and ensuring full compliance with regulatory guidelines of global standards and quality is paramount.


Regardless of the industry, we will always find a way to implement your projects and find solutions to your most challenging requirements.



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