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Present your customers with a complete organic waste management solution

With one Bokashi Organko family to many solutions for your customers. With Organko Daily (awarded Red Dot Design Award 2023), let your customers recycle organic waste responsibly, but with our Bokashi Organko composters, give them the possibility to repurpose it. In the meantime, they will reduce organic waste by 25%, provide a natural Bokashi liquid for watering plants, an organic drain cleaner, and a first-class compost base for gardens to bloom. Simple use and no unpleasant smells. Organko Daily, Bokashi Organko 1, Bokashi Organko 2, Bokashi Organko 2 Ocean, and brand new Bokashi Organko Essential are the perfect fit for them.

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Exploit the possibility to distribute our eco-friendly products

The distribution of eco-friendly products is increasing. Our sustainability-oriented portfolio is sold in more than 30 markets all over the world, meaning, more than 1,3 million B2C customers believe in our work. We offer not just a chance to be a part of green companies, but also profitable and well-known products that are being sold like hotcakes. Join the eco-friendly community of brands and take advantage of our quality offer with our daily waste bin Organko Daily (awarded Red Dot Design Award 2023) and Bokashi Organko composters.

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Distribution of eco-friendly products

Open new Bokashi composting category with increasing potential

Bokashi composting is a rapidly growing category with search queries increasing more than 15 % in the last 5 years. The exponentially growing LOHAS market is worth more than 300 billion dollars. After thoroughly researching the market, we are confident that our family of products, consisting of a daily organic waste bin - Organko Daily (awarded Red Dot Design Award 2023) - and composters Bokashi Organko 1, Bokashi Organko 2 and Bokashi Organko 2 Ocean are profitable eco-friendly products that will make your business grow. They are made in the EU which makes personalized logistics even easier.

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Complete your offer with recycled products for every household

Recycling is the new black. Being made from recycled plastics, our eco-friendly products are a symbol of sustainability and fulfill the urge of saving the planet. Bokashi bran with effective microorganisms provides to an individual a possibility of self-sufficiency, an opportunity to grow his own homemade food, and an ability to live a zero-waste life. Sell Bokashi Organko composters with Organko Daily organic waste bin (awarded Red Dot Design Award 2023), and become the first choice for your eco-oriented customers.

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Recycled products

Sell private label designer products that will blow your customers' mind

Designer and colorful products from recycled or bio-based materials for every modern household. Collaborating with us in creating your own private label is a chance for your business to stand on a pedestal of companies with a portfolio full of the latest trends. Quality, sustainability, and brand in just one series of our products. Quick, get our sustainable plastic tableware, and just observe how they will take over your customers with their innovative design.

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