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Optimized processes

Together with our partners, we are focused on project realization. Our team of experts provides full support for each properly optimized stage. Every time we fully adapt to the requirements and provide the most effective solutions.

Idea or concept

We can prepare new ideas or concept development based on additional researches.


Prototype and test

Timely testing prevents subsequent difficulties during development. Therefore, we always produce a 3D print prototype for new products.


Cost optimization

We are able to determine the exact price of the product according to particular parameters and customer requirements.


Tools and materials

In cooperation with various toolmakers, we offer the most cost-effective, efficient, and quality tools suitable for plastic manufacturing.



Innovative solutions

We are always exploring the possibilities of new materials and technologies. Our focus is on the innovative development of integrated solutions and understanding your needs. Trend monitoring, material development, and the introduction of new technologies are what connect us with numerous partners.

Integrated solutions for B2B partners

We offer integrated solutions in the development and production stage, as well as deliver the corresponding 3D and 2D documentation. With our approach and outstanding experience, especially in the field of plastic mass injection, we provide excellent support to partners throughout the entire process.

Innovation for B2C customers

For buyers of ordinary but recognizably different plastic products in terms of materials and aesthetics, we develop solutions that make life easier, as well as surprise and inspire new adventures at home and outdoors. Upon finding useful solutions, we develop our own patents, enhance innovation, and offer novelties on the global market. We monitor trends and proceed based on the needs of the consumer.

Proven to be incisive

In recent years, we have received numerous awards for achievements in the areas of development, plastic injection molding, and plastic mass processing. Skaza is ranked among the top five fastest-growing technology companies in Central Europe. We are one of the recipients of the "Creators of the century" awards, presented by Perspective, the International Economic Forum (IEF).



Modern technology

Constant modernization, our own development, innovations and patents, allow us to carry out even the most demanding projects.

Technological processes

In addition to conventional injection molding, our technological process encompasses new solutions with multi-component injection molding and the insertion of elements made from other materials. We offer laser engraving, ultrasonic welding, thermal clamping, tampography on products, and laser cutting.

Sustainable materials

We use the full range of thermoplastics (polyolefin, styrene, polycarbonate, polyamides, linear polyesters) and master materials with various inclusions and additives (glass fibre, additives for UV and temperature resistance, etc.). 

Environmentally responsible

Preserving the environment is very important to us; therefore, we continually develop new and refined recycled, organic, and bio-based materials.



Quality certifications

We operate in accordance with a number of required quality certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, AEO), in addition to other standards and regulations, such as ISO 26001 and ISO 27001.

We exceed expectations

Skaza employees operate according to the principle that we are all jointly and individually responsible for the quality achievements, which meet and exceed customer expectations. We create improvements in a close partnership with customers and quickly and effectively adapt to changes in the market.


Quality is created by people

Safety concerns and employees’ welfare are important parts of ensuring and monitoring quality. We constantly strive to increase our capacity for improvement by committing to team performance and training individuals to work in groups.


Connected with suppliers and the environment

Our working process operates in accordance with the principles of lean production and the preservation of natural resources.


Equipped for development

With our own measuring laboratory, state-of-the-art test and measuring equipment (3D), we are able to more fully participate in various researches and development projects. We provide FMEA, MSA, APQP, SPC analysis, PPAP.



Our certificates

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