Decades of Development and Significant Milestones

The story of success from 1977 to the future.

The story of Skaza started in 1977 - in the garage. The areas on which the first production began have increased by as much as 44 times in just a few years. We started on 350 m2 and currently operating on more than 15,400 m2. Today, we employ 50 times more employees and work with the most modern machines and technologies.

Today, we are ready for the future, with daring vision, excellent knowledge, and high technology capabilities.

< 2025

Ready for the future

We will become a leading partner in the field of manufacturing and creating innovative products from new generations of plastics. In addition to high-quality products, we will provide our partners with reliable and future-oriented services.

< 2022

Machine park: 51 machines
Number of employees: 280+
Achievement: Organko Daily - made from post-consumer recycled plastics

< 2020

Machine park: 50 machines
Number of employees: 280+
Obtained certificate: ISO 45001

< 2017

Manufacturing surface: 15,400 m2
Machine park: 47 machines
Number of employees: 300+
Achievements: own brands Bokashi Organico, Skaza, Style Your Life
Obtained certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001:2007

< 2012

Manufacturing surface: 3,810 m2
Machine park: 44 machines
Number of employees: 180
Achievements: own brands Organko, Bokashi Organico, Cuisine
Obtained certificate: 9001:2008

1997 - 2007

A decade of growth

Manufacturing surface: 3,810 m2
Machine park: 38 machines
Number of employees: 93
Achievements: upgrading to an area of 1,100 m2 (production and administrative part), use of 2K technology
Obtained certificate: ISO 14001:2004

< 2004

Manufacturing surface: 2,000 m2
Machine park: 23 machines
Number of employees: 85
Achievements: the establishment of departments of quality, technology, procurement, HR, warehousing and logistics; Tanja Skaza joins the company

< 2000

Manufacturing surface: 1,520 m2
Machine park: 20 machines
Number of employees: 42
Achievements: upgrading with the area of 230 m2, Igor Skaza joins the company

< 1991

Manufacturing surface: 150 m2 + 200 m2
Machine park: 10 machines
Number of employees: 12
Achievements: renovated production facilities

< 1985

Manufacturing surface: 150 m2 + 200 m2
Machine park: 5 machines
Number of employees: 6
Achievements: growth and development from a garage to a manufacturing company