Sustainability is a driving force of our business and product development

Sustainability is deeply embedded in our brand's DNA 

We recognized some of the biggest challenges society and our planet are facing and developed unique solutions to overcome those issues. Not just by recycling the packaging, or not printing the documents, but by investing in new initiatives that challenge the methods our production, how we operate, what materials we use, and by redesigning the brand from its fundaments.



Time to accept responsibility

We are the generation that has to accept responsibility, and make a firm commitment for the care of the planet. That’s the drive behind the innovation of sustainable solutions. Our products are responding to the challenges and trends imposed by consumers associated with this commitment.

Operating by ISO 14001 standard

Proof of our sustainable actions is the certificate ISO 14001. By its adoption and application, we fulfill the principles of the environmental policy.

Sustainable company - sustainable partnerships

We are always ready to sign up for a sustainable partnership with a strong commitment and sincere devotion to our business partner’s needs. Mindful self-interest that responsibly includes others bring us closer to business partners consumers. They are our inspiration, motivation and above all - trendsetters.


 Building sustainable products and striving to continually improve energy consumption.


 Showing and teaching customers how our solution makes their lifestyle more sustainable.


 Minimizing our own environmental impact and encouraging our employees to do the same.


 The constant development of new sustainable materials with our R&I department.

We care for the planet

It is important that we help shape this change and show that we truly care about the environment. We see sustainability as part of our company's DNA. We care about the people, the communities, the users of our products. We strive to live and breathe environmental stewardship.



less carbon emissions because of Viva 2 collection (2020)


less carbon emissions because of Bokashi Organko (2020)


green energy from renewable sources


of Skaza brand products made from sustainable materials

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