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Benefits of KAM teams in terms of time and cost optimization
Plastika SkazaFeb 23, 20224 min read

Benefits of KAM teams in terms of time and cost optimization

Superb quality has always been one of our main goals throughout the development and growth of our company. This is why we are constantly striving to improve our processes, bring the way we work to a higher level and always make sure our clients have the best possible experience every time they work with us. One of the ways that help us make all this possible is implementing KAM teams in our production processes. Read more about benefits of KAM teams bellow.

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What are KAM teams?

Key account management (KAM) teams in Skaza are basically an extension of our customers within our company. Established in 2015, these teams are responsible for taking care of absolutely everything our clients need, thus bringing our business relationships to a higher level. KAM teams significantly improve the quality of communication in a production process, help save time both on our and the client’s end and enable us to adapt to the client’s needs even more efficiently.

Benefits of KAM - process optimisation

How are KAM teams created and how they function?

Our KAM teams are created as soon as we receive an inquiry from a new client. Members of the team are carefully hand-picked to fit the needs and requirements of each individual client and to ensure that the entire production process runs smoothly from the very beginning till the very end.

The KAM team responsible for the client is with them every step of the way, from the inquiry and offer stage, throughout the manufacturing process and later on during the optimization phase.

Who are members of our KAM teams?

Members of our KAM teams are all experts in their field with specific knowledge and experience needed to deliver the best possible results. All members of the teams are carefully selected to match the needs of each individual client, depending on their specific industry. The KAM teams generally consist of:

  • Head of strategic sales and procurement
  • Key account manager (for new clients) or business development manager (for existing customers and optimizations)
  • Quality and technical director
  • Technical business development manager
  • Quality technologist
  • Supply chain manager
  • Key account assistant in procurement
  • Head of quality

What are the benefits of KAM teams?

As already mentioned, dedicated KAM teams bring a number of benefits that significantly improve the customers’ experience as well as the final results. One of the main benefits of KAM teams is certainly improved communication. Our clients always know who to reach out to whenever they have a question and can always rely on their KAM team to be available when they need them.

Benefits of KAM teams - efficient communication with partners

Reliability is thus another important benefit of KAM teams. Our clients can rest assured knowing someone will be there to answer their calls, always providing them with all the information they need. All members of the team are experts in their specific fields, which means they are always able to offer the best solutions for any issues that may arise.

Working with a KAM team also helps save a significant amount of time – on both ends, both our end and the client’s end. Since the same team is handling the project in all stages, they always know what is going on. This means that long explanations are not necessary since the team members already know everything there is to know about a specific project.

One more of the many benefits of KAM teams is also the fact that working with a dedicated team significantly improves the process and helps optimize it to the highest possible level. Since the team is so deeply involved in the project, it is easy for them to recognize the points where things could be improved – then work hard to make this happen. This helps our clients become an even more competitive player in the market and significantly improves their business results.

Cost optimization as one of the key benefits of KAM teams

Apart from a number of other benefits of KAM teams, they also play a key role in optimizing production costs. Since one team is involved in the production process from the beginning to the end, they know the process very well. Their experience and expertise enable them to suggest changes, make improvements and further optimize the process. Our KAM teams are therefore constantly looking for new, better solutions that can also bring a significant reduction of costs while at the same time always keeping the quality of the final product a number one priority.

Always in good hands in the company of our KAM teams

Benefits of KAM teams - members

Our clients can always rest assured that everything is taken care of when working with their dedicated KAM team within our company. At Skaza, our top priority is always making sure that the client is happy and satisfied both with the production process as well as with the final results, and KAM teams are there to make sure that this happens every single time.


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