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Trends in Sustainable Industry of Plastic Manufacturing
Plastika SkazaMar 16, 20233 min read

Trends in Sustainable Industry of Plastic Manufacturing

Sustainable industry of plastic manufacturing is a very quick-changing field. We see new developments every day and it is important for us to stay up to date with the latest trends in the industry. But apart from following the latest trends, we also chose to create them. Our teams do their best every single day to come up with new ideas that further advance our plastics manufacturing processes and bring us another step closer to our goal – sustainable industry.

Today, we will take a look at some of the trends that are changing plastics production processes and making plastics a more sustainable industry.

Using post-consumer recycled resin in our production processes

Post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials are basically materials that have been extracted from waste separation. Waste from cities and companies is gathered in waste treatment centers where it is manually separated, as different types of thermoplastics on the market may vary in different characteristics. Manufacturing products made with post-consumer recycled materials thus closes the loop as it directs used plastics away from landfills and towards recycling facilities.

Trends in Sustainable Industry of Plastic Manufacturing

Using post-consumer recycled resin brings sustainability of plastics manufacturing to a much higher level, but it also brings a number of other benefits. It offers higher ROI and better margins, and it is more regulatory-friendly. Apart from that, it also enables better branding and better customer relations by fulfilling consumer demands for more sustainable products.

Key account management (KAM) teams

At Skaza, we do our best to always ensure the highest possible optimization of our processes. This is one of the reasons why we established special key account management teams that basically function as an extension of our customers within our company. These teams take care of absolutely everything that our client needs and as such bring our business relations to a higher level, significantly improve the quality of communication throughout the production process, help save time both on our and the client’s end and enable our company and our processes to adapt to the client’s needs on an even higher level.

When everything is this organized and running this smoothly, there is enough room and time left to think about the changes we want to implement and the impact we want to have on the environment. Because the basic needs of the production process are so well taken care of, we can give more of our attention to creating even more sustainable industry processes.

Automated production lines

Automated production lines bring a number of important benefits, such as time and cost optimization, as well as improve the quality of the final products. But in terms of a sustainable industry, they also represent an important advancement when it comes to the impact on our planet.

Using post-consumer recycled resin in our production processes

Automation of the production lines optimizes the entire production process to the highest possible level, thus creating significantly less waste. Apart from that, it also reduces energy consumption, decreases loss of energy and heat, reduces floor space requirements and helps conserve resources. All this significantly decreases the environmental footprint of our production processes and ensures a more sustainable industry practice.

Implementing modern information technology solutions

Modern, cutting-edge information technologies (IT) have completely transformed the manufacturing industry and at the same time enabled greater automation and production efficiency. The EcoTrail project, part of our sustainable portfolio, aims to implement these modern technologies with two main objectives.

The first one is to develop a system that is able to accurately assess the environmental impact of our products and communicate it to our customers in a clear and transparent manner. The second one is to develop and implement a whole range of Industry 4.0 IT solutions, which will enable us to increase the productivity and efficiency of our production processes.

Developing and using new sustainable materials

All our R&D projects are focused mainly on developing sustainable solutions that help minimize the negative impact of plastics on the environment. In order to do that, we are constantly developing new, innovative materials that help us achieve our goals in terms of sustainable industry.

Projects such as the BioSeedPack and transparent recycled polycarbonate (RTPSOS) represent an important step forward towards developing new, more sustainable materials and using them in our production processes.

We have come far in terms of creating a more sustainable industry, but our journey is in no way complete. We will continue to work towards greener manufacturing processes, both by following new, exciting trends in the field as well as creating new ones ourselves. We hope you will join us on this journey.


Plastika Skaza

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