Power to your Career and Personal Growth

That's the strength of working at Skaza, where every employee is as important for the company, as the single piece of the plastic granule is for a great product.

Engaged and motivated employees create a sustainable company

Skaza is a sustainable company where every element counts. By believing in the importance of each individual, we encourage teamwork and the growth of personal potential. Come and join us as a vital granule that makes a change in the world of plastic. Become part of the fast-growing high-tech international company, young both in terms of ambition and the age of employees. 

Together, we are growing and learning, building on our iconic experiences to make an impact.

Engaged and motivated employees

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If there are no open job positions or you just do not feel like applying for the current ones, you can always send us a CV and choose your desired working area. We will get back to you if we see there is a match between you and our company.

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Thinking global, acting local

We are a development-oriented and sustainable company, present in global markets. Our employees have opportunities for professional and personal growth through contact with customers all over the world. Consider the endless challenges and opportunities brought about by international success.

Growth and agility. Anytime.

As we grow, we are not losing our passion for innovation and originality. We monitor trends and encourage the introduction of innovative sustainable practices. Digitization, agility, Industry 4.0, Management 3.0 with constant agile development and supporting new talents are principles we live by. By recognizing our employees and new talents we evolve their competencies for future possibilities, so every employee can be a sustainability champion.

Results, based on our engaged employees

It is important that we support and nurture our employees to continuously grow. We realize they are the foundation of our company's growth, which puts their satisfaction ahead of results. By presenting several internal awards, we recognize their competencies and motivate them to always develop their potential.

Constant opportunities for personal and career growth

In a supportive work environment that functions according to the value of courage, you will find all the necessary conditions to become an expert or to further deepen your expertise. We fund training, invest in promotion, encourage participation and transfer of sustainable knowledge between professionals in the company. As our employee, you will have the opportunity for horizontal and vertical promotions.

The balance between a professional and private life

Besides being a sustainable company, we are also a family-friendly one. Recognizing individual’s home obligations, we respect their privacy and free time during which employees can benefit from various providers that cooperate with Skaza sports and cultural association. These programs enable them to experience a range of activities from wellness to skiing.

Advanced hiring and onboarding system

"Right people for the right positions at the right time." Upon receiving and assessing your job application, we will invite you for an interview to make sure we are truly compatible. In the next step, you will be guided through our onboarding system, which includes getting to know the entire company, an introduction to production and several interviews during the probationary period.

Meet the people behind the company

Igor Skaza


Niko Medved

Deputy general manager

Matej Dominković

Head of investment and maintenance

Blaž Ojsteršek

Head of production optimization, packing and automatization

Andreja Fortag

Chief financial officer

Luka Fideršek

Head of Sales

Benjamin Hostnikar

Head of quality

Jure Ojsteršek

Head of production

Urban Feguš

Development manager

Gregor Bujan

Head of supply chain operations

Boštjan Kretič

Head of warehouse

Aleksandra Logar

Head of human resources

Jelena Rašula

Head of marketing

The company values are the values of the individual

Promises to all parties involved are kept with full RESPONSIBILITY.

We confront the biggest challenges with COURAGE and find inspiring solutions.

PROGRESS is our way to improve services, products and all operations.

We introduce SUSTAINABILITY into materials, processes and work environment.

By connecting in various projects, we improve RELATIONSHIPS.