Dec 19, 2022 by Plastika Skaza

45 years of Skaza


Today, plastic is a big part of life. In Europe alone, around 30 million tons of plastic waste are generated each year, of which only 30 percent is recycled. Plastic waste is increasingly polluting the oceans. According to some estimates, by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in them. We probably don't realize that the oceans produce more oxygen than all the forests in the world.

With the introduction of the circular economy, the world is falling behind and losing precious minutes. Meanwhile, the amount of plastic that even finds its way into our lungs and food is increasing every year. That's why we need sustainably-oriented companies that are aware that there are no winners in doing business according to the principles of circular economy. But it is a vision in which the whole world must be drawn if we want to keep our planet habitable.

Franc and Martina Skaza were pioneers in this field in Slovenia 45 years ago. Today, thanks to their visionary entrepreneurial ideas, Plastika Skaza is considered the pioneer of sustainable business in Slovenia. With hard work and dedication to the green future of plastic handling, and above all with the cooperation of all employees and business associates, they breathed life into the vision.

The oxygen and necessary drive to run a family business with more than 250 employees is now in the hands of the second generation, which is successfully implementing the planned path through business cooperation with global multinationals. Tanja and Igor Skaza are the heart of the company and set trends in the circular economy with their inspiring leadership. Every new story in the Skaza business ecosystem begins with a wish or idea from business partners. Skaza advises its partners on the entire sustainable business process, right up to the end product in the electrical, furniture or medical segment of the industry. Partners are encouraged to introduce sustainable materials obtained from waste or bio-based plastics from renewable sources. In doing so, they improve the quality of products, create necessary innovations for global industry and contribute to the reduction of plastic waste.

Years of experience, knowledge and passion led them to establish their own brand. With the Bokashi Organko composters, they offered the world a solution with which users turn waste food into a new resource. Tens of thousands of people around the world have already been encouraged to adopt this circular management of waste food. The number of sustainable communities that encourage residents to handle biological waste responsibly is also increasing.

Skaza can realize its sustainable story because of the wonderful people who are the heart and energy of this company. That is why they are grateful to every employee who contributes an important part of their sustainability story with their work. Also in the future, they will encourage the cooperation and awareness of their employees so that they can realize all their personal and professional potentials. When the entire company, like players in team sports, works together and everyone is aware of their value, anything is possible. Only with such colleagues can the company increase added value and realize its mission - a world with less plastic waste and the preservation of the planet for future generations.


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