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Balancing the private and professional needs of our employees
18 Aug 2021

Balancing the private and professional needs of our employees

Since 2014, Skaza has been a proud bearer of the title Družini prijazno podjetje (Family-friendly Company), which binds us to socially responsible practices and, above all, taking into consideration and balancing private needs with the professional life of our employees. In order to obtain the certificate, we have introduced a series of measures to ensure employee satisfaction and loyalty, as we believe they are key to our company’s success.

Among the measures we introduced are, for example, regular evaluation of the managers, which contributes to the improvement of relationships, by offering targeted training, we encourage our employees to a lifelong learning and through regular socializing and connecting, we also strengthen the ties between coworkers.

The possibility of home office and flexible working hours

One of the most important measures we took even before the coronavirus epidemic, was the possibility to work from home and to have flexible working hours, as we believe our employees are responsible and trustworthy. It is hard to judge this option as either beneficial or detrimental, as it depends on each individual if they organize their time accordingly. The possibility of self-organization promotes independence and consequently, our employees are happier and more efficient at work.

Home office in the time of coronavirus epidemics

Our experience in the time of the corona crisis has shown that in some cases, the workflow was focused, some employees were more motivated and achieved above-average results, while others needed additional encouragement from their superiors.

We will certainly continue to work from home in the future, but we won’t forget about the importance of the contact in person. Despite the fact that during the covid-19 epidemics, we learned how to manage things virtually, we are convinced that it is best to build relationships through socializing and direct contact. This way, we are maintaining the organizational culture which is of great importance in our company.