Nov 21, 2023 by Plastika Skaza

Celebrating Excellence: Our Favorite Colleagues and Admired Leaders


Every year at Skaza, we conduct a vote for the Best Colleague and the Best Leader. These individuals are not just experts in their fields but also individuals with whom we feel fantastic. They are our mentors, inspiring us and brightening our surroundings, while their exceptional skills significantly contribute to the efficiency of the teams they participate in.
Celebrating Excellence: Our Favorite Colleagues and Admired Leaders

The winners of the vote are announced at our pre-New Year's party, and their pictures adorn our company throughout the entire year. In addition, we reward them with pampering at a special and carefully selected location as an expression of special gratitude for their outstanding contribution to the success of our company.

Being the Best Colleague or Best Leader with us is not just about taking responsibility for work and adhering to the company's sustainability vision. It means being a person who carries a burning desire for progress within, demonstrated through courageous actions every day.

But that's not all. Being the Best Colleague or Best Leader is not only a reflection of completed tasks but also a reflection of the individual, their actions, and the relationships they build with colleagues. Equally important is the relationship these individuals establish with themselves.

This is one of the ways Skaza strengthens its entrepreneurial culture. We take pride in our ability to recognize individuals who not only excel in their work but also contribute to creating a positive work environment. These are people who live by our values, are responsible, promote progress, share their knowledge and experiences with us, and nurture the most beautiful interpersonal relationships. All of these aspects further reinforce our sustainability focus and enrich our path into the future.


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