Dec 16, 2022 by Plastika Skaza

Coworkers and leaders of the year


Our guiding principle at Skaza is "The right people in the right jobs". We believe that this is the best way for responsible work, courageously facing challenges, progress, social sustainability, good relationships, both private and business.

Those who embody Skaza's values and confirm our guidelines in practice are THE COWORKERS and THE LEADER whom we chose at the end of 2022.

Being THE COWORKERS and THE LEADER of the year does not only mean being responsible for your work and living our sustainable story. It means to be that person in whom we all see the desire to progress, which the person demonstrates on a daily basis through his courageous actions.

However, it does not end here. Being a colleague and being a leader is not only a reflection of the work, but rather a reflection of that person, his actions and the relationships he has with colleagues every day. First and foremost is the attitude this person has towards himself.

As in previous years, this time we also went on the hunt for people who embody our values and we can't imagine going to work without them. These are the people who selflessly come to your aid and are there for you when you need them the most.

Neja Klančnik, Edi Berisha and Marijo Kovač became THE COWORKERS 2022. All three live by similar values, which also convinced their colleagues. They are committed, positive, voluntary, always ready to help, responsible in their work, sustainable-oriented, have trusting relationships with colleagues and are happy to share knowledge with them.

Matej Dominković became the 2022 LEADER. According to his colleagues, Matej is THE LEADER, as he is always ready to help, knows different areas of work, which gives him a comprehensive view of the operation of our company. But he is not only described by his zeal for work, solving challenges and great knowledge. You described this person as a friend who always responds when you need help. He is a person who encourages us and looks for solutions together with us. First of all, his attitude shows you that he cares about you, people and the company

We congratulate all colleagues from the bottom of our hearts and wish them to continue to motivate and encourage their colleagues by their example.

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