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Maribor citizens with Skaza & Snaga Maribor for circular management of biological waste


Did you know that every Slovenian throws away an average of 68 kg of food waste? Biowaste is a treasure, so we are looking for ways to use it directly at the source and thus reduce the amount of waste.

Skaza's mission is to help people change their habits with innovative products and therefore keep the planet cleaner. Snaga Maribor has joined us on this journey, as they recognized us as a competent partner on the path towards reducing bio-waste in the municipality of Maribor. In the first days of March, Snaga's employees distributed around 500 Bokashi Organko composters to the citizens of Maribor. Our kitchen composters are made of recycled plastic, and they form the basis for creating first-class compost in our homes and reducing the amount of bio-waste by 25%.

Mariborčanom razdelili preko 500 Bokashi Organko kompostnikov

Snaga Maribor sees Bokashi Organkos as the right solution to achieve numerous common goals – reducing organic waste in households and sorting plants, achieving circular management of bio-waste, and lowering the costs of bio-waste collection.

Žan biološke odpadke že pridno odlaga v Organka

One of the first families in Maribor to use our Bokashi Organko as part of the pilot project is the Knuplež family. 4-year-old Žan is already thoroughly disposing of the bio-waste he collects during the day in the Organko composting bin.

Maribor Mayor Aleksander Saša Arsenovič and Andrej Rihter, Director of Public Holding Maribor, have also joined Maribor citizens in using our Bokashi Organko to manage bio-waste more economically, while the Director of Snaga Maribor Franc Dover has been using our Bokashi Organko for quite some time now. He was impressed by the benefits of bokashi composting, so he wanted to spread the practice among a wider group of people.

Mariborčanom se je pridružil tudi župan Aleksander Saša Arsenovič

In addition, Snaga Maribor is one of the first companies in Slovenia to introduce this practice and was also the first to carry out a sorting analysis of bio-waste, together with the Ministry of the Environment, which showed that there is still a significant proportion of edible food among the bio-waste.

V Skazi smo ponosni, da v Mariboru raste skupnost, ki se je z našimi Bokashi Organki lotila trajnejšega ravnanja z biološkimi odpadki

At Skaza, we are proud that a community is growing in Maribor that, with our Bokashi Organkos, has taken up a more sustainable way of oranic waste management. We want to expand this practice all over Slovenia, Europe and even beyond that. An example of such good practice abroad is the Sustainable City of Dubai, where its inhabitants have been using our Bokashi Organkos since last summer.

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