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Our updated machine park
28 May 2021

Our updated machine park

We are proud to announce that we have dedicated this week to celebrate the successful modernization of our production machine park.

The new machines with a clamping force of 110 - 240 tons have been safely and properly installed in our production facilities. We procured the machines in order to improve the gap between quality and productivity provided by our machinery. Such purchases enable us to achieve higher results in the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) indicator, ensuring improved productivity and, ultimately, customer final satisfaction with the new product.

Prior to the delivery of the machines, there was a lot of planning, so everything was done according to the production hall capacities. In the end, the ergonomics of the tool were safe and efficient. The installation of new machines marks the beginning of a major investment in the machine park and new equipment throughout 2021, which we are undertaking in the company. In the future, we also expect the arrival of another larger machine, which will serve to our extended portfolio of the plastic industry – manufacturing for the medical field – and thus “raise the level” of our machine park with a clamping force of 650 tons.

By purchasing the machines, we not only updated the machine park and improved productivity but we also took care of nature. As we are one of the four Slovenian companies that signed up the EU request for more climate ambition (with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions by 55% by 2030) and the European Plastics Pact, we bought electrical machines for this purpose, which have much less negative impact on the environment.