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Project BioSeedPack


We are proud to present you another project that will revalue the product of the agricultural sector (the so-called vegetable and cereal seeds as a potential secondary raw material) through an innovative circular economy model and re-integrate it into the chain of primary raw materials for environmentally friendly biopolymer products in plastics sector.
Project title: Didactic set of bio-based polymers and seeds
Objective of the development project: Development of a new line of bio-composite products for the food sector, launched under the Skaza brand, based on biopolymer materials equipped with a certificate of composting, biodegradability and recyclability, and vegetable and cereal seeds classified as secondary raw material.
Description of the research and development project
With new products, more environmentally friendly alternative to the currently mostly represented synthetic plastic products, we will establish a completely new value chain and open new market opportunities based on interdisciplinary cross-sectoral integration, especially in terms of competitive advantage of stakeholders and their international visibility.
The BioSeedPack project is based on a cascading approach to the exploitation of secondary raw materials for new high value-added products, the introduction of a new circular business model, consideration of eco-design planning, life cycle assesment, disposal, recovery or reuse of output products and overall sustainability criteria at national, European and international level.
Partners: Plastika Skaza d.o.o., KOM d.o.o.
Duration: 24 months