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Skaza has proven committed employees.
5 Dec 2022

Skaza has proven committed employees.

At Skaza, we have been able to realize our sustainability story for 45 years thanks to the wonderful people who are the heart and energy of this company. That is why we are grateful to every employee who contributes an important part of our sustainability story with their work.

Commitment represents a high level of energy, dedication, vitality and enthusiasm for and during work. The more engaged we are, the more productive we are, the less stressed we are and the more satisfied we are with our lives. As a result, due to these feelings, we also feel a greater sense of belonging to our organization.

Committed individuals do not take work as a burden, but as new challenges. Therefore, we can understand engagement as a winning combination for both employees and the organization.

This was shown by a recent engagement survey, in which 71 percent of all our employees participated. The average engagement rate is 3.94. This is a very good result. We can evaluate it even better when we say that we have as many as 56 percent of actively engaged employees at the company level. This represents almost fifteen actively engaged colleagues to one actively disengaged one. These are numbers that proudly place us alongside successful companies, as the result of over 50 percent of active participants is exceptional. For comparison, we can say that this percentage is 21 percent globally and 32 percent in the USA. In the EU, however, 14 percent.

As the results of the survey show, it is important for people to know what is expected of them at work, to be valued and treated with respect by top management, and to be able to find ways to solve problems in the work environment. In order for us to progress from successful to top companies based on the demonstrated commitment, we will strive for 71 percent of actively engaged employees. Or to the ratio of 17.5 actively engaged to one actively inactive.

It is an ideal that does not blind us to what we already have. In the future, however, we will continue and enrich the commitment of our colleagues through open communication, praise and nurturing of our relationships. These are based on the right values, because sustainability, courage, responsibility, relationships and progress enrich us again and again.

The family-friendly company provides everything that mothers and fathers need to take care of their families, massages at the workplace, hot snacks and socializing at a picnic, every employee is happy.

Therefore, we continue to try to work wholeheartedly, because with this way of cooperation, we will certainly be closer to realizing progress, even in terms of commitment. At the same time, let's not forget: let's act RESPONSIBLY towards ourselves and others, take care of the DURABILITY of our mutual RELATIONS and strive for PROGRESS with the help of COURAGE.