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Skaza is helping the Municipality of Ljubljana deal with bio-waste
30 Nov 2021

Skaza is helping the Municipality of Ljubljana deal with bio-waste

Skazovci – the Skaza employees – are change-makers and innovators, looking for solutions to climate challenges. We are joining a global project that will connect 180 cities around the world.

At Climathon 2021, which takes place from 29 November to 2 December 2021 in Ljubljana, we will tackle the challenge of how to encourage the citizens of Ljubljana to separate their bio-waste responsibly. We will also consider ways to implement a project that would support a circular model of bio-waste management on the level of the Ljubljana municipality.

We are aware that bio-waste is one of the biggest enemies of the environment. It accounts for up to 34% of all waste, and only in Europe, we generate 75 million tons a year. The fact that 57% of food waste is not recycled at all is even more frightening. It ends up in mixed waste and releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which should not be overlooked.

The question is, how to fix this problem? The solution lies in responsible food management, which includes reducing bio-waste, starting with each individual, and reusing food scraps, which can be achieved at both community and individual levels. Small changes namely start in the home of each one of us.

At Skaza, we are committed to reducing and reusing bio-waste, because we are aware that waste is not just waste, but a source of new life. We can achieve that by using our Bokashi Organko composters, in which waste is fermented with the help of effective micro-organisms and turns into a first-class compost base.

Climathon participants will tackle the challenge of responsible bio-waste management under our mentorship. We believe that the ideas that arise and we upgrade together will be a step in the right direction for handling bio-waste in the Municipality of Ljubljana and that these solutions will be implemented in the future.