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Taking the best of what we’ve learned in a long-year tradition of plastic manufacturing, we can be your trusted expert. We are ready to steer our focus towards the industries that will broaden the golden standard of our portfolio. Your most demanding inquiries will be fulfilled with the highest quality.

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Your idea, our solution

Ready to provide your sustainable projects on time

An experienced team and excellent service will lead you through the whole process without unexpected obstacles. We offer full collaboration from the beginning to the finish line. Let’s team up in manufacturing innovative plastic products and other outstanding plastic components and devices.

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Managing the whole process for you

Focusing on understanding the problem and meeting uncompromising requirements while ensuring total compliance to regulatory guidelines is of utmost importance. We successfully navigate the complexities of your product leveraging our extensive industry knowledge, our pool of trusted suppliers, and our partner research institutions.

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Managing the whole process for you - plastic manufacturing industry

We manufacture

  • Walking boards,
  • plastic handpieces,
  • housings for different devices.

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