Medical Contract Manufacturing of Innovative Plastic Solutions to upgrade Patient Care and Experience

Cleanroom conditions with quality guaranty

Precision injection molding

Implementation of ISO 13485

Manufacturing Components for Medical Equipment

Manufacture of the components in the medical industry needs special attention and special care, therefore, we will help you select the right shape and the right material for the best user experience. Our knowledge and long-year-tradition in plastics injection molding mean that all your inquiries will be done quickly, comprehensively, and with the highest quality.

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Medical equipment

Healthcare Expertise for your Needs

Together with our partners, we create innovative solutions that meet your patients’ needs. It is important to approach them with user-friendly products that are also reliable and manufactured with a high level of quality. Besides the long-year tradition and rich experiences in plastic manufacturing, we manage every project with a proactive approach towards implementing new standards of ISO 13485.

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Your Sustainability-oriented Expert in Medical Contract Manufacturing

At Skaza, patients' care and our planet come first. With the constant development of new sustainable materials, we integrate recycled or bio-based plastics into new products, and this way care for a better planet.

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Sustainability-oriented partner

We manufacture

  • Medical device housings,
  • components for various healthcare equipments.

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