Nov 4, 2021 by Plastika Skaza

7 benefits of supplier relationship management

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Supply chains are becoming increasingly more complicated and complex, so maintaining efficient and well-organized supply processes is now more important than ever. In order to implement a well-controlled and systematic approach to sourcing the goods and services needed, good supplier relationship management is required.

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Today, we focus on seven main benefits of this vital process that we at Skaza pay special attention to, as they help us follow trends and improve our risk management systems. This enables us to provide our clients with a steady supply even in these uncertain times, thus allowing us to be a reliable business partner.

7 Benefits of Supplier Relationship Management - infographics

Supplier Relationship Management Benefit #1: Improved Cost Management and Reduced Costs

One of the main and most important benefits of good supplier relationship management is better cost management and reduction of costs. Efficient analysis of supply chain data can help proactively address costs, thus minimizing and rationalizing expenses as well as evaluating the supply chain for both costs and efficiency.

Supplier Relationship Management Benefit #2: Improved Operational Efficiency

Good supplier relationship management can significantly increase efficiency. Regular reviews of suppliers can improve the supply chain, thus reducing the time and effort needed for managing it. This is especially important as supply chains grow and become more complex; poor management can lead to inefficient processes, while good management can help keep things well-organized.

Supplier Relationship Management Benefits

Supplier Relationship Management Benefit #3: Minimized Price Volatility

Fluctuations in market prices can be a big problem, and in many cases, these fluctuations are a result of the increased volatility of commodity prices. However, good supplier relationship management can help companies take advantage of fixed pricing or scaled increases. In turn, they commit to more extended contracts, larger minimum orders or other conditions. This allows them to set their own pricing structures with more certainty and makes their planning more manageable.

Supplier Relationship Management Benefit #4: Greater Consolidation of the Supply Chain

Good supplier relationship management can improve the consolidation of the supply chain, thus helping create a more efficient supply chain. Sharing plans for the future on both sides enables suppliers to provide better deals for longer periods of time as well as create special agreements on pricing.

Stronger Supplier Relationships that Last Longer

Supplier Relationship Management Benefit #5: Stronger Supplier Relationships that Last Longer

One of the essential benefits of supplier relationship management we at Skaza pay special attention to is building stronger business relationships that last longer. Understanding each other’s needs and values helps build trust and mutual respect, leading to better relationships and improved business practices.

Supplier Relationship Management Benefit #6: Increased Potential for Outsourcing

Efficient supplier relationship management also helps create opportunities to outsource and transfer activities. This can help both parties reduce costs, optimize logistics and speed up the production processes.

Supplier Relationship Management Benefit #7: Reduced Waste

Waste is often a direct result of inefficiencies in the processes between the buyer and the supplier. As we move towards increased sustainability, one of our most important goals is also the reduction of waste in all our processes. Good supplier relationship management can help improve and correct these inefficiencies, identifying and eliminating sources of waste, thus reducing the amount of waste and making the entire process more sustainable.


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