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Eco-friendly materials we use in our manufacturing process
Plastika SkazaApr 5, 20212 min read

Eco-friendly materials we use in our manufacturing process

Here at Skaza, we take great pride in following our strong belief in sustainable production while also setting green transport and logistics standards. However, our sustainable policy's focal point is characterized by eco-friendly materials used in many of Skaza's products. We are dedicated to developing reusable plastics and targeting as low an environmental impact as possible.

The eco-friendly materials or sustainable materials we use can be divided into two main groups - recycled and bio-based plastics. Let's have a closer look at both groups to find out which products are affiliated with them.


Recycled materials

Since 2014, Skaza increased the use of recycled materials by no less than 150%. Every year, we process more than 5 thousand tons of plastics, half of which is recycled. To put this into perspective, take note that by using one ton of recycled plastic instead of oil-based plastic, we reduce CO2 greenhouse gas emissions by 494 kg and save 10,000 kWh of energy, as evident in the LCA (life cycle analysis) of our products.

Here are the principal recycled plastics we use in our production:

Glass fibre reinforced recycled polypropylene (PP GF): A common recycling material, polypropylene (PP) is nowadays primarily found in milk jugs, bottle caps, bins, detergent bottles, and other items marked with recycling symbol. For applications that require a stiff material, such are seat shells (Chair #1) from our furniture department, PP can be further reinforced with glass fibres. Short strands of glass are embedded into the material, which significantly increases its mechanical properties.

PP can be further reinforced with glass fibres

Recycled polyamide (PA): Polyamides are firm and thermally resistant polymers. These properties make them useful in automotive components, but they are also widely used in textiles, carpets and sportswear. Among Skaza's products that feature recycled polyamide (PA6) are kitchen legs optimized for carrying heavy loads.

Optimized kitchen legs for carrying heavy loads

Because of their specifications, polyamides are also used in ropes and fishing nets. Both can be fully recycled and reformed into new products, excellently demonstrated in our star item Bokashi Organko 2 Ocean, a convenient kitchen composter made from hand-picked and recycled fishing nets.


Bio-based materials

Here at Skaza, we are very proud of the fact that some of our products are made from bio-based polyethylene (PE). What makes this PE so unique? It is entirely produced from sugar cane, which is one of the most efficient and productive crops, making it a perfect source for bio-based polyethylene.

The bio-based high-density polyethylene (HDPE) we use is essentially identical to oil-based HDPE in terms of mechanical properties, appearance, and chemical resistance, which means they can be used and recycled interchangeably. This makes bio-based HDPE especially suitable for manufacturing it into kitchenware, such as our innovative Pick & Go set and our Viva 2.0 line. Furthermore, in terms of sustainability, its bio-based content (up to 96 %) gives it a distinct advantage over oil-based HDPEs and makes it an essential item on our list of eco-friendly materials.


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