We REward REspect for the planet! | Plastika Skaza d.o.o.

The Skaza company rewards the respect of the planet with a 30% Go Green discount on all sugarcane products, an environmentally and people friendly ecological material. Each item sold is your donation to the environment – since you decided to use plastic products made according to the highest ecological standards and because you do not wish to use disposable plastic products, and since, for you quality is more important than quantity. If everyone would be of this mindset our planet would be spared of millions of tonnes of plastic. The Skaza company is a firm advocate of the complete removal of disposable plastic products from life on Earth. The price for the environment and human health is too high. Our products from the ECO CARE collection are made exclusively from organic materials of plant origin or recycled materials. All products can be recycled. The green cycle is thus complete.

In 2019, the Skaza company will earmark EUR 850,000 for planet preservation through the Go Green discount. Together we take the steps towards the change we wish to materialise on our planet! We do this for our posterity, for ourselves, for all living beings and for the Earth. We have only one planet - let's treat it as our only home.

Go Green. Destination = happy planet!

Go Green. Destination = happy planet!
Thank you for being ecologically conscious. Thank you for being ambassadors of the environment.
Together we are ECO CARE!