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Green plant wall

Plastika Skaza

We are specialists in plastic manufacturing and wholesale of our own brand Skaza sustainable products for home & garden.

Blog Post by Plastika Skaza

25 Jun 2021

Reception for first-graders

I will go to school, but only as a joke, while being serious at home;, I will study a little, little bit, and fool around as much as possible.
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14 Jun 2021

Skaza's company picnic

»The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it« (Robert Swan)
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28 May 2021

Our updated machine park

We are proud to announce that we have dedicated this week to celebrate the successful modernization of our production machine park.
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22 Mar 2021

Watch the whole video from Open Day 2021

On Skaza's 2021 Open Day, we revealed all the exciting new projects we have in store for this year! Additionally, we offered our viewers a first-time look at out brand new Bokashi product!
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15 Mar 2021

Join our virtual Open Day and discover our newest products

In line with the current situation, Skaza's traditional Open Day will be taking place in the virtual world for the second year in a row. This way everyone who is interested can get to know our work ...
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25 Feb 2021

We were selected to work with the University of Colorado Boulder

We are extremely proud of making such an impression on the University of Colorado Boulder that they have decided to cooperate with us on two exciting projects. For these projects, we will actively ...
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20 Jan 2021

Sustainable development as a key component of change management

In adjusting to the profound changes brought by the coronavirus epidemic, it is crucial to bear in mind sustainable development policies, was a debate hosted by the Slovenian-German Chamber of ...
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18 Jan 2021

Upgrading the business information system

In the company, we are facing rapid business growth, which also dictates the expansion to other countries. In the desire to better manage change, connectivity and data exchange with suppliers and ...
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18 Jan 2021

The first in Slovenia with UWB technology

We continue with a series of investments to fulfill our commitment to sustainable development. This time we focus on production. As part of our own EcoTrail project, we are the first in Slovenia to ...
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7 Jan 2021

What does the ban on disposable plastic mean for the plastics industry?

The law in France requires that by 2025 all disposable tableware has to be made from 60% of biobased materials, that can be composted at home.
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7 Jan 2021

How Skaza became a company of recycling plastic

Every day, we strive to be an environmental friendly company with responsible use of natural resources, the introduction of cleaner technologies and reducing the environmental impact. Proof of our ...
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25 Sep 2020

Skaza received the 2020 Best HR Practice Award

At the 39th International Scientific Conference on the Development of Organizational Sciences, Skaza received the award for the best HR practice 2020. Special recognition is confirmation of our ...
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25 Sep 2020

Visit of Derk Jan Nauta, a representative of the Dutch Embassy

On Wednesday, September 23, we hosted the Deputy Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the Republic of Slovenia, Derk Jan Nauta. During a visit, we showed him our production, and at the ...
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31 Aug 2020

Presenting our new kitchen composter, made from recycled fishing nets

Based on our knowledge and experience, we put a new life to fishing nets and created a unique Bokashi Organko 2 Ocean kitchen composter from the obtained material. The successor of our innovative ...
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5 Aug 2020

Our focuses, awards and standards in the plastics industry

Skaza has been operating in the plastics industry for more than 40 years. We are aware of the specifics of this industry, therefore more than ten years ago we decided to make necessary changes for ...
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21 Jul 2020

Project BioSeedPack

We are proud to present you with another project that will revalue the product of the agricultural sector (the so-called vegetable and cereal seeds as a potential secondary raw material) through an ...
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14 Jul 2020

Skaza holiday week for our children – green, eco, sustainable

Another Skaza holiday week for children of our employees has come to an end. A green educational program, which put smiles on the faces of both, children and adults, was free of charge. And the ...
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8 Jul 2020

Welcome to the Future Circles

Slovenia has made an extraordinary movement in the field of a circular economy. We want to protect our world from excessive waste and the exploitation of raw materials. The goal is to provide ...
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19 May 2020

Skaza and the local beekeeper: preserve the bees, preserve the planet

Slovenia proposed that the United Nations (UN) proclaim 20 May as World Bee Day. On 20 December 2017, following three years of efforts at the international level, the UN Member States unanimously ...
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30 Apr 2020

Skaza supports green economy recovery

Various green economic recovery and green initiatives promoting the Green Deal have been prepared throughout Europe, including Slovenia.
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27 Apr 2020

Skaza has become one of 19 ambassadors of I feel Slovenia. Green. Creative. Smart.

With the communication campaign "I FEEL SLOVENIA. GREEN. CREATIVE. SMART.", the public agency SPIRIT Slovenia wants to contribute to raising the profile of Slovenia as a technologically developed, ...
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