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Skaza News

28 Aug 2023

Invaluable Heart and Unity in the Battle Against Floods

In early August, Skaza, like the rest of Slovenia, unexpectedly faced a natural disaster
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5 Jun 2023

The first sustainable hero among Slovenian companies is here!

Slovenians are known as masters of waste separation, but sometimes we forget about an important player - organic waste.
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29 Jun 2022

French municipality of Saint-Omer starts using Bokashi Organko bins for a more sustainable waste management

In cooperation with the waste management company Snaga Maribor, we have successfully raised awareness in the community when it comes to sustainable waste management. Another good example can be found ...
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13 May 2022

Our collaboration with the Sustainable community in Dubai is one of the best sustainability oriented business practices in Slovenia

Skaza cocreates and co-shapes cities of the future. It is taking part in one of the most important aspects of sustainability – correct management of biological waste. Our innovative product Bokashi ...
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3 Mar 2022

Maribor citizens with Skaza & Snaga Maribor for circular management of biological waste

Did you know that every Slovenian throws away an average of 68 kg of food waste? Biowaste is a treasure, so we are looking for ways to use it directly at the source and thus reduce the amount of ...
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28 Oct 2021

Skaza & Sustainable City Dubai: From food leftovers to food resource

Skaza is co-creating and co-designing the cities of the future. We are working towards one of the most important aspects of sustainability – the appropriate bio-waste management. The citizens of ...
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22 Oct 2021

Skaza and Snaga Maribor unite for circular management of bio-waste

Skaza’s mission is to help people change their habits with innovative products and consequently keep our planet clean. Snaga Maribor recently joined us on this journey, recognizing us as a competent ...
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28 Jul 2021

We became a part of Sustainable City Dubai

We are proud of our latest collaboration with “Sustainable City Dubai”. They will incorporate our innovative, award-winning second-generation Bokashi Organko kitchen composters into the design of the ...
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