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Skaza News

16 Jan 2024

Technology as the Foundation of Successful Strategic Marketing

We spoke with Dr. Jelena Rašula, the Head of Marketing at Skaza, where she is entering the fifth year of co-creating the future of the Velenje-based family business. With over 20 years of experience ...
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27 Nov 2023

In fostering collaboration among Slovenian companies, Skaza and Elan envision the key to success for the Slovenian economy

Renowned as two distinguished Slovenian enterprises, they have established themselves as exceptional representatives of their regions, recognized for their missions and global presence. Their ...
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20 Nov 2023

Production Optimization of Skaza with Collaborative Robots

In the world of plastic processing, where expectations regarding sustainability are constantly rising, Plastika Skaza, with over 46 years of experience, sets standards in the plastic industry. ...
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17 Nov 2023

Skaza is realizing digital transformation with a digital twin in production

With over 46 years of experience in plastic processing and injection molding, Plastika Skaza is setting standards in sustainable production of industrial plastic products. Our openness to new ...
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15 Nov 2023

Skaza at Elmia Subcontractor Fair in Jonköping, Sweden, opens doors to new business opportunities

Our exceptional team of experts is currently making waves at the Elmia Subcontractor Fair in Jonköping, Sweden, recognized as one of the leading industrial trade fairs in Northern Europe. This ...
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19 Oct 2023

Artificial Intelligence in Skaza's Manufacturing Process

At Skaza, we have opened the doors to the future through innovative applications of computer vision and artificial intelligence. With our six cameras providing a 360-degree view of products and a ...
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16 May 2023

Let it be heard everywhere: Skaza's retro king Bokashi Organko 1 is saying goodbye.

If you are looking for the perfect solution for eco-self-sufficiency, then we have a revolutionary brand for you - Skaza!
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27 Jul 2022

Well-known Lebanese chef impressed by Bokashi Organko Essential

World-renowned Lebanese chef and passionate advocate of sustainable food production Kamal Mouzawak was fascinated by Skaza's products at the Maison & Objet fair in Paris. He was particularly ...
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21 Feb 2022

Tanja Skaza founded the Change Worthy Academy

Heart in the first and right place is one of the main messages of Tanja Skaza, former Best European Manager and Director of Plastika Skaza, today founder of the Skaza Institute. In the last two ...
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30 Nov 2021

Skaza is helping the Municipality of Ljubljana deal with bio-waste

Skazovci – the Skaza employees – are change-makers and innovators, looking for solutions to climate challenges. We are joining a global project that will connect 180 cities around the world.
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16 Sep 2021

Bokashi Organko and Tjaša Ban on their adventure across Portugal

After already helping out some Portuguese households in creating a more sustainable everyday life, our eco-friendly composter Bokashi Organko made its way into the Portuguese market even more ...
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8 Sep 2021

We're creating the next generation of business leaders

Our company Skaza is part of the International Business Community AmCham Slovenia, which brings together more than 400 Slovenian and international companies. One of the main pillars of AmCham ...
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18 Aug 2021

Balancing the private and professional needs of our employees

Since 2014, Skaza has been a proud bearer of the title Družini prijazno podjetje (Family-friendly Company), which binds us to socially responsible practices and, above all, taking into consideration ...
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10 Aug 2021

Our Organko has become a vital member of a kindergarten classroom

At Skaza, we are aware of the importance of educating the youngest generations about the ecological ways of living and the significance of waste separation and composting, which is why we are happy ...
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9 Jul 2021

Skaza's contribution to the Europe Readr Project

On Wednesday, July 7, in the park next to the Izola lighthouse, the art structure “Moja bralna soba“ (My Reading Room) opened its doors, becoming Slovenia’s contribution to the Europe Readr project. ...
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1 Jul 2021

We are entering the US market!

Earlier this year we managed to secure a cooperation with the University in Colorado on two exciting projects. We are thrilled to announce that through this process we gained an invaluable business ...
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28 May 2021

Our updated machine park

We are proud to announce that we have dedicated this week to celebrate the successful modernization of our production machine park.
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25 Feb 2021

We were selected to work with the University of Colorado Boulder

We are extremely proud of making such an impression on the University of Colorado Boulder that they have decided to cooperate with us on two exciting projects. For these projects, we will actively ...
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18 Jan 2021

Upgrading the business information system

In the company, we are facing rapid business growth, which also dictates the expansion to other countries. In the desire to better manage change, connectivity and data exchange with suppliers and ...
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18 Jan 2021

The first in Slovenia with UWB technology

We continue with a series of investments to fulfill our commitment to sustainable development. This time we focus on production. As part of our own EcoTrail project, we are the first in Slovenia to ...
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29 Jul 2020

[COLUMN] Get the right people on the bus

I got an audiobook Good to Great by Jim Collins a few years ago. And one of the lines that caught my attention was to ‘get the right people on the bus’.
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