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Skaza News

8 Jul 2024

Skaza has been awarded the EQTM quality certificate

The EQTM certificate for own-brand products, including Bokashi Organko composters, Organko Daily daily waste bins, and table kitchenware, is the result of dedicated work by Skaza's quality team and ...
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2 Feb 2024

Skaza Among the Finalists of Project Zlata nit 🏆

The Project Zlata nit, which has been recognizing excellence and success in Slovenian companies in the field of employment for seventeen years, has selected 21 exceptional companies as finalists this ...
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12 Dec 2023

The Creators for Centuries: Tanja Skaza Receives Award for the Second Time for Contribution to Women's Entrepreneurship Development

Tanja Skaza was awarded the prestigious prize for her outstanding contribution to the development of women's entrepreneurship in Central and Southeastern Europe. Among 107 candidates from nine ...
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6 Dec 2023

Skaza Receives TOP Investor in Education Certificate

Skaza, the recipient of the TOP Investor in Education certificate, is delighted to announce that we have received the 2023 certification from PLANET GV, a leading education company. This prestigious ...
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29 Nov 2023

Web Retailer Award 2023: SWOOŠ-AAHHH Campaign by Skaza Recognized as Best Creative Campaign

With over a decade-long tradition, the Web Retailer Award stands as the largest competition for online stores in the Adriatic region. Organized by,, and, all part of ...
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21 Nov 2023

Celebrating Excellence: Our Favorite Colleagues and Admired Leaders

Every year at Skaza, we conduct a vote for the Best Colleague and the Best Leader. These individuals are not just experts in their fields but also individuals with whom we feel fantastic. They are ...
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27 Oct 2023

Skaza Among Recipients of 2023 Metrology Excellence Certificates

In the pursuit of the highest quality in measurement solutions, Lotrič Metrology awarded prestigious 2023 Metrology Excellence Certificates. These accolades recognize the exceptional efforts of ...
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9 Oct 2023

Skaza proudly accepts the BIG SEE Award for Organko Daily

Precious artistic creations are stored in family legacies and museums, but every product, regardless of its industrial nature, carries a deeply rooted story of contemplation, inspiration, and care in ...
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26 May 2023

Skaza impresses once again with a win at the Red Dot Design Award competition

Skaza, a specialist in plastic processing, has once again been recognized with the prestigious Red Dot Award for the innovation and superior design of its products.
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6 Apr 2023

Skaza is a finalist of the prestigious award for plastic recycling in Europe

Skaza has received a new quality confirmation from Europe. Just in time for the composting season, responsible users who want to create first-class compost for their own garden now have an easier ...
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23 Jun 2022

Skaza’s products again among the best innovations of the SAŠA region

Skaza received two bronze awards for the best innovations of the SAŠA (Savinja and Šalek valleys) region 2022.
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17 Mar 2022

Bojan Mežnar received the most praise from colleagues at Skaza

Praising a colleague cost nothing, but it does wonders.
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11 Feb 2022

Tjaša Ban received the title Sustainable Business Transformation Leader

Tjaša Ban, Business Development Manager, who is responsible for business development in the US, Asian and Portuguese markets at Skaza, obtained the title of "Sustainable Business Transformation ...
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14 Jan 2022

Traditional award ceremony for BEST COWORKERS and BEST LEADER in Skaza

Our motto at Skaza is "The right people in the right jobs at the right time". We believe that this is the best way to work responsibly, face challenges bravely, make progress, be socially ...
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11 Nov 2021

Bokashi Organko 2 recognized as Desirable Development Product

From 18 to 24 October, the online platform MOM - Maison & Objet And More organized a virtual fair Digital Days Desirable Development, during which the Swedish influencer Emma Olbers selected ...
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29 Sep 2021

Bokashi Organko 2 Ocean among the top innovations of the SAŠA region

At Skaza, we are aware that companies with a high level of innovation are economically more successful. We are very pleased that each year, our company is situated on the map of the best Slovenian ...
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25 Sep 2020

Skaza received the 2020 Best HR Practice Award

At the 39th International Scientific Conference on the Development of Organizational Sciences, Skaza received the award for the best HR practice 2020. Special recognition is confirmation of our ...
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5 Aug 2020

Our focuses, awards and standards in the plastics industry

Skaza has been operating in the plastics industry for more than 40 years. We are aware of the specifics of this industry, therefore more than ten years ago we decided to make necessary changes for ...
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4 Jun 2019

Recognition for Skaza with TARAS award

Skaza Company was among the receivers of the TARAS 2019 award. We received recognition in partnership and cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maribor, for the ...
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22 May 2019

Bokashi Organko 2 won a Red Dot Award 2019

Company Skaza received the prestigious Red Dot Award for Product Design in 2019, the proud owner of which is our Bokashi Organko 2, the next-generation kitchen composter. The Bokashi Organko 2 ...
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